Don't Go

What will happen when two teenage girls catch a flight to London... With One Direction?! Will there be good times, heart break, and death?! **I'm new to this so no hate please!(:


2. Wait...What?!

We checked in and got everything settled and all that jazz that goes on at airports. We had 45 minutes until we board the plane. On time, just as I planed! We took a seat in the waiting area and just talked and laughed and decided what we wanted to do while in London. I looked down at my watch and looked up at the screen, no plane 3667. That's our plane. It's 25 minutes delayed. What is going on?!
"Hannah I'll be right back, I'm gonna go talk to the counter lady and see what happened to our flight." She nodded her head in acknowledgement.
"Hello!" I said to the lady.
"Hello, my name is Pam, how may I help you?" She replied.
"I'm on, well supposed to be on flight 3667 and yet I'm not. Is there a delay or anything of the sort?" I questioned.
"Uhh, can I answer that in just a second?" She picked up the phone and dialed for 'assistance'..? This can't be good.
"Hey Mr. Desarly, we've got our selves a pickle.... Yes.... Mmmhmm.... Will do.... Okay..... Yep... Okay! See you shortly... Mmhmm... Bye."She was typing on the computer. She smiled at me," So, we seemed to of had some miscommunication with the pilot and he has landed in Portland with the other passengers. Mr. Desarly will explain everything" And with that, Pam ushered me to a balding man in an expensive looking suit.
"Hello, I'm David Desarly"
"Nice meet you sir, I'm Laila Sii. My friend over there is Hannah Mack." I pointed to Hannah, she saw what was going on and came over.
He started walking and we filled him, "So, we going to put you on another plane, the last plane to London for today. You won't have to pay anything. We owe you our most sincere apologies. Theplane is boarding now for your departure. We are very sorry again. Have a great time in London!" and with that, he left us at the gate. Everything was happening so fast.
"Here goes nothing!" Hannah said as she stepped in to the plane. Just then I heard screaming girls. What is going on?! I got on the plane without a second thought about it. Oh wow! This was some fancy first class plane! I grinned, everything happens for a reason, right!
"Well that was busier than I expected! Wasn't Lou?" Someone stepped into the plane. But oh my gosh, these 'someone's were One Direction!!
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