Don't Go

What will happen when two teenage girls catch a flight to London... With One Direction?! Will there be good times, heart break, and death?! **I'm new to this so no hate please!(:


1. To London with Love

"Come on Hannah! We've got ourselves a plane to catch!" I yelled over my shoulder to my best friend. This was our last pit-stop before the Los Angelas airport. We must be quite the sight leaving the Wal•Mart, two 18 year-old girls with crazed looks on our smiling faces. This trip is gonna be one for the books! We'd been planning this trip to London for six years, not to mention saving every last penny for SIX years. Now that was hard! Everyone laughed at us for thinking we'd actually be able to go on our "fantasy" trip. But we are! So look who's laughing now!
I looked at the clock as we got into our rental Mini Cooper. Great, perfect timing, we might even have extra time on our hands (me being late was unheard of)!
"So Laila, you know how we were SO obsessed over One Direction? Well, wouldn't it be crazy if we saw them in London!?" Hannah inquired. To be honest, I never really got over them.
"I bet we'd crash in a plane before meeting them, but yeah, it would be awesome!" I smiled remembering all of the times only those 5 boys could make me smile. I bet I still know every word to their songs.
"Yeah, it'd be the best thing that ever happened to me." Hannah whispered to herself. Me too, Hannah, me too.
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