Intoxicated Beauty

Based on the story of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Wayitifa was born in Somali, at a very bad time, a time of war and distruction. in the Simalia civil war. Worried for her life, the mother of Wayitifa evacuated Wayitifa to her grandmother, who lives in Brighton, England.

Growing up in an, 'old fashioned' way of doing things, Wayitifa never got out much, but when the 15 year old is invited to a party, she doesn't know anything, and is completly vunreable to the situation

No matter how many dreams your heart makes, sometimes your dreams never come true.


2. chapter 2


"Wayitifa!" An alarm clock siren, barley awakes me from my sleep, but my grandmothers fog horn shout sure can! I groan to tell her I'm awake, and I slowly open my eyes as the bright thursday morning light shines through my window. I allow my eyes to get used to the light before I get up; I saunter down stairs and greet the muslie mush that lay infront of me. Nice. I walk to my room, but stop abruptly at the front door. It's her writing. Written on the gold envolope. My mother. I pick up the letter and rip it open as if there was no tommorow. I read it, the first bit of contact for 2 years, 3 months and 6 days, I'm not counting or anything.

Living in England, everythings happy, I can walk down to town without having a care in the world, but not in Syreia. I was born in a country of danger and dispair, gangs, rapid fire, and bombs. You couldn't go down to town without wearing bullet proof clothing and having body guards walking in infront and behind you. My parents lived in fear whenever the gangs where out roaming around. Killing, and setting fire to things. When a gang set fire to the apartment below us, that was the final straw, my mother evacuated me to England, I left 3 weeks later, I was only 2; and as my mother handed me to my grandmother who was waiting at customs, I didn't know that was the last time I was going to see her. The woman with long flowing raven black hair, and golden skin. Well that's what she looks like in all my grandmothers pictures. So, my grandmother took me in and raised me as her own with her two friends Emerald and skye. The 4 of us bonded so well, and the story of my mother, is (as the name suggets) - a story.


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