Intoxicated Beauty

Based on the story of Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Wayitifa was born in Somali, at a very bad time, a time of war and distruction. in the Simalia civil war. Worried for her life, the mother of Wayitifa evacuated Wayitifa to her grandmother, who lives in Brighton, England.

Growing up in an, 'old fashioned' way of doing things, Wayitifa never got out much, but when the 15 year old is invited to a party, she doesn't know anything, and is completly vunreable to the situation

No matter how many dreams your heart makes, sometimes your dreams never come true.


1. Chapter 1

This story isn't glamorous, nor is it fairy tale like;  There are no knights in shining armour, magic fariries with wands that could do any task perfectly, there are no witches, beautiful princesses, handsome princes that sweep the fair maden off her tiny feet and ride together on a white horse, into the sunset. there are no  fairy godmothers, or pumpkins that turn into five star luxuary coaches there and then. There isn't  a princess with hair so gold, it shines like the sun, skin so white it glistens like snow, or lips as red as roses. But, there is me.

And there is my story.


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