Loving London

Sophie is an average 17 year old turning 18 in september. Since her mother died when she was six, she, her brother and her dad became stronger than ever. The day they are moving, she gets an awsome present. But when she has to say goodbye to her best friend Mason, it goes all wrong. She doesn't want to move. Never ever ever.



1. Morning

Hello, my name is Sophie. Today was the day I moved from Belgium to England. I did not exactly know where to, but  knew it was somewhere close to London because my dad found a new better job. Originally, im born in Dublin and we lived there for 2 years, but when my mom died we went back to Belgium. Yes, my dad and mom came from belgium. The loss of my mother has made me, my dad and Aaron, my little brother, stronger than ever. 'Sophie?' I heard the voice of my dad. I opened my eyes and saw hes face. 'Dad, it's 6 in the morning?' i said with a sleepy voice. 'I know, but have you forgot? Today is the day!' he said happy. 'Oh yeah, i remember, how could i forgot?!' I said back. As my dad left my empty room i got up.

I looked in to the mirror while brushing my semi-long blonde hair. Sophie had green eyes and blonde hair that came up to her shoulders. Every once in a while a boy came up to her but it hadn't always worked out. 'Im going to miss my friends so much. Why can't i get trough my hair? I hope my new school will be fun. Am i going to have friends?' I tought while gazing in the mirror. I always did this in the morning, it made me feel better in some kind of way. I went down smelling the delicious smel of breakfast. 'Goodmorning dad.'  i said sitting down. 'Goodmorning sweety' said my dad while baking some bacon. 'Why isn't Aaron up yet?' I asked thinking why he still had time to sleep and i had to wake up so early. Aaron was only 4 years younger than me. He was 13 years old and i loved him. Alot. 'Well, i need to show you something...' he sais suspicous. I ate my breakfast as he told me to follow him to the basement. What i saw there was UN-BE-LIE-VA-BLE ! 'Tadaaaa' he yelled in my ear. 'WOW, dad thanks but... How much did it cost?' i asked my dad while i was looking at my present. 'No worries about that, young ladie.' he said. It was a baby-pink Louis Vuitton suitcase, like the ones with the shelves. 'A real one, made in 1914, for the Titanic. Open it.' He commanded me. I opened it and saw all the shelves were filled with new clothes. 'DAD! WOW! OMG!' I yelled happy. 'It's my birthday present for you.' Dad said with a huge smile. 'A new country, a new start and ofcourse a new wardrobe.' he said. I'll help you carrying to your room.

Once it was in my room and my dad left, i tried some clothes on. Forever21, Juicy Couture, Gilly Hicks, Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale, Victoria's Secrect's PINK,... I loved every single thing that was in there. But the thing i loved the most was the Victoria's secrect and Gilly Hicks lingerie. It was flawless. I opened the last shelve and i could cry from how lucky i was and happines. The things i wanted so badly. A white, MacBook Pro with a pink keyboard and a dull pink cover. A white iPhone 4s with a Kate Spade gold striped case and a Juicy Couture dark blue case. The best thing, An iPad with 250 £ to buy a case and a bag. Yay! I found a note and i start reading it.

'Dear Sophie, you're turning 18 now. I can't believe it. Even tough im not here to see you, i love you alot princess. Remember Aaron and dad will always be here to stay with you. Love you, Mom.' Tears fell from my face and i allowed myself to cry over my mom once. Ever since i was ten, i told myself not to cry about her because it would make it just worse. But this time was diffirent. I was happy and sad at the same time. 'Thanks mom, I love you too.' i whispered.


Aaron's POV

I woke up around 8 AM. I went down as i passed my sister's room. The urge to go in her room and search for awkward things in those boxes was big. But i knew she would be mad at me. I came down to eat some breakfast. After i was done, i remembered we were moving today. I hoped that wherever we were moving, there would be a beach with waves nearby. I love surfing. So does Sophie. It's just, the kick you get when you're riding an awsome wave. I love it.

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