Loving London

Sophie is an average 17 year old turning 18 in september. Since her mother died when she was six, she, her brother and her dad became stronger than ever. The day they are moving, she gets an awsome present. But when she has to say goodbye to her best friend Mason, it goes all wrong. She doesn't want to move. Never ever ever.



2. Goodbye

Sophie's POV

It was still the same day. The moving-car already arrived at their house. She was carrying the boxes out of the house with her dad and brother. 'Soph , could you go get you're bags and your brother's please?' my dad asked me. 'Sure' i said. In exactly three hours the van would take our stuff to England. We were going to come at 6PM. But because England is minus an hour in Belgium time it would be 5PM so, were leavng belgium in 6 hours. 'Dad, can i go visit my friends?' i asked him hopefully. 'Yes, but be back in 2 hours, okay sweetie?' 'Okay' I answered back already opening the door to leave. I walked to my best friend's house. It wasn't far away, in fact it was only two blocks awawy from my house. We lived in a small district and there was a huge park, that i loved. As i knocked on the door he opened and said sarcastically 'Well, good to have you here, young ladie.' 'Well how lovely to see you again too, my boy.' i said back being sarcastic. 'No, really, Sophie, im gonna miss you so much..' he said sad. 'Me too, Mason, me too.' i said thinking of what would happen if i couldn't see him as much as i did now. The first time i met him i had ths weird but good feeling, like almost like being in love. I think i have been in love with him all along, but i didn't had the urge to kiss him or holld hands. It was diffirent. We went upstairs to his room. It was messy, as always. He opened his laptop. 'Let's take a picture, so i can always look at it when i miss you.' he said. 'Massy, im not leaving for ever, we can still skype and text and ...' I said. He opened photoboot as we started to make funny pictures and we laughed alot. 'Let's go to the park' Mason said with a huge grin on his face. 'Sure' i said. It was chilly outside and i didn't brought a jacket. Awsome.


Mason's POV

'Sophie are you cold?' i asked Soph. She looked cold, otherwise i wouldn't ask. 'Umm.. Yes, a little but it's okay, i can live with it.' When i first met Soph, it was like my dreams come true. But the feelings faded. At least that's what i tought. I knew she didn't felt the same to i gave up. i was glad she came to my house. 'So, last time we will be together in the park.'she said. 'Yeah, it feels weird' I said. 'Guess what happened to me this morning...' she said with a huge smile on her face. 'Tell meeeeeeeee!' i yelled. 'I got a a new bag. A Louis Vuitton with shelves. It's bright pink and it was filled with clothes.'she said really happy. 'Awsome!' i said, the way she looked now, with those green, lighting eyes was amazing. 'And the bottom shelve contained an iPhone, MacBook and an iPad. WITH CASES!' she was over-happy and that made me happy too. 'Wow, im so happy for you!' i said. I knew how she loved cases. Every size, color, merch.  We arrived at the park and we sat down the grass. It was empty and quiet. As we lay down we talked about the most random items and then i realized those old feelings never went away. When we finnaly were quiet i looked at her. She still looked at the sky.  'Hey, um, Sophie, i have a crush on someone i've known for a long time.' I said, the words kept repeating in my head.


Sophie's POV

Laying here, in the grass with Massy next to me felt right. I knew he was looking at me, i felt his eyes burning in my head. I told myself not to look at him because, because i don't know why. I will miss him oh so much. I knew it. And it would hurt. Suddenly i wanted to kiss him, feel his warm hands and look deep into his blue eyes. Those feelings from i thought they meant nothing, did exist. 'Hey, um, Sophie, i have a crush on someone i've known for a long time.' he said. I didn't say anything for 10 seconds. 'Tell her, the chances she'll fall in love with you or already is, are big.' i said while turning my head to his. I looked at his brown, perfect hair. That's why she didn't allowed herself to look at him, he was, how did you call it, hot. Pretty, beautifull and amazing. 'Can i practice by saying it to you?' he asked me with a smile on his face. 'Okay, but promise me you'll tell her okay?' I said. 'Okay' he said. 'Umm... Sophie, I love you.' he said nervous. 'Very good, now go and tell her.' I was confused. It felt like he, i don't know. But he was in love with another girl, i pretended and told myself like i didn't care, but i knew i was lying. 'Sophie, i just did.' he said. 'Eversince we were seven, i felt something, but i faded. But that's what my brains tought me. Listen to you're heart, right? Well i did and i hope you feel the same...' he said. 'Aren't bestfriends like, meant to be in love? Ofcourse i do.' i said and i felt like i had lost a huge weight from my shoulders.  

We were quiet i think for like 60 seconds, just looking into eachothers eyes. I forgot about the whole moving, my mother and every little thing there is to worry about in you're life. He came closer and we kissed. Long. Exactly 1 minute and 13 seconds. I looked at my new iPhone, it was 1:47 PM i had to be home in approximately 10 minutes. 'Massy, i have to go home in almost 10.' i said and I could hear the dissapointement in my own voice. 'Well, isn't that enough ?' he said, and we held me tight. I could feel his sixpack. We were still lying in the grass saying nothing fot ten minutes. My phone started to vibrate. It was 2 PM, i had to go home. I didn't want to cause this would be the last time Mason held me for like 6 months or a year. I didn't want to move. I wanted to stay here, with Mason.


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