Loving London

Sophie is an average 17 year old turning 18 in september. Since her mother died when she was six, she, her brother and her dad became stronger than ever. The day they are moving, she gets an awsome present. But when she has to say goodbye to her best friend Mason, it goes all wrong. She doesn't want to move. Never ever ever.



3. Final hours

I walked home. Sad. Completely distroyed because i wouldn't see Mason anymore.


'Hi dad' I said trying to be happy. 'Hi Soph, how was Mason?' he asked me while he was carrying his bags. 'He's okay...' I had to controle myself to not to burst out in tears. Why? Why him, why now ? WHY WHY WHY? I ran upstairs, my room was empty. The boxes were already gone and my bags were down. The only thing left in my room was my handbag. It used to be my moms. It was a big black Chanel. I loved it. I took my laptop out of it and logged into Facebook. Nothing special. I logged off. I went to Tumblr. I didn't know how i got so famous. I guess it was just because i had it for such a long time.


 I suppose i am a little addicted to those sites because Aaron came to me saying that i had to get my bags . 'We leave in 1 hour.' he said with a huge smile. I could hear he was exited. I got down to get my bag. It was actually more a box. But it was pretty. And heavy. I got it to the car and then my dad helped me to get it in. 'Dad, did you won the lottery?' i asked because i was still wondering where he got all the money from. 'Well, actually i did. But i didn't want Aaron to know because he'll go and make hes friends jealous.' he said. 'How much did we won dad?' i asked curious. 'Well, don't fade, we won 12.000.000 £ !' 'DAAAD WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US OMG! ' I was really happy, we just won 12 million pounds. wow. Talk about luck.

Aaron's POV

Im hearing Sophie yelling. They're not fighting, aren't they? Well nevermind, Sophie had a whole new bag and i - i got nothing. Oh yeah, she's turning 18. That's why. I still have't got any present. Well, maybe something from London? I think so. 'Aaron, were going to say goodbye to the house!' dad yelled. I ran down and i saw dad and Sophie waiting for me. We visited every room of the house. It felt weird, the house we'd been living in so long, wasn't ours anymore. It was empty, fully empty. 'I guess this it it.' said Sophie. We got outside and closed the door. 'Mom would have loved England.' dad said. We stepped into the car and we drove to France. We would be taking the underground train to England and then we would  drive to our new home.

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