Loving London

Sophie is an average 17 year old turning 18 in september. Since her mother died when she was six, she, her brother and her dad became stronger than ever. The day they are moving, she gets an awsome present. But when she has to say goodbye to her best friend Mason, it goes all wrong. She doesn't want to move. Never ever ever.



4. Dream house

We arrived in the city of london. Seriously, our appartement was in the city of London. This couldn't be any better! The appartement was little on the outside, but VERY big on the inside. It was really modern and sophisticated. More like a loft, a huge loft. But i liked it, it was like those Tumblr appartements. Me and Aaron litteraly ran upstairs to see which room we got. They were both AM-AZ-ING ! They both had a upper-level and a bathroom. This was all i could wish for. My life has took the best path it could choose! But i knew not everything was going to be all sugar and sunshine. Aaron's room was little downstairs, but as soon as you took the stais, a big room appeared in front of your eyes. My room was a fairytale. It had a large down with a little glass bridge to go to the bathroom. When you go to the upper-stairs, a big room with a little elevation formed with 3 stairs and a big walk-in wardrobe atthe left. I had a whole plan in my head. 'Kids, youcan both choose how your rooms are going to be, no budget.' my dad said and i felt like all my dreams coming true. I made the lower-room bright pink and the upper-room was just grey wth one wall covered in photos of models from magazines. I loved it. I had a huge wall-covering window that sighted London. It was the best room ever. When my room was all done and pretty i went down and saw a completely diffirent funriture than we had. It was beautifull. 'How could all these things get here so quikly, i mean,when people move they usually go days in it before? And what about all this new furniture?' I said inspecting the new furniture. 'Well, i hired some experts and i bought these things online few months ago. The reason why we are all set right now is because this is a diffirent country. I have to go to the state departement to make us legal citizens of the UK. I have to do allot of paperwork. You too, by the way. We have to get new pasports, indentity cards, you have to get a new credit card,... But that's all part of it.' My dad said. 'But tonight im taking you and Aaron to the city, i mean out of the house.' he said happy. I went back to my room and smelled the air of new paint. I TOTTALY FORGOT ABOUT MY BAG ! i tought of places where i could have put it but i just didn't remember. I forgot it at Aarons room.


I went to Aaron's room and he was already playing video games, typicall boysstuff. 'Um, i forgot my bag in here, have you seen it?' 'Yeah, it's under the staircase.' he told me while keeping his eyes straight at the screen. i took the bag and went back to my own room. I managed to get it up and i opened the door of my closet. He did it again, didn't he? Again, my HUGE walk-in closet was filled with the best clothes, shoes and bags. Wowwowowowowowowowwowowowowowoowowowowowowowoowowowowow! Not again! i unpacked my other new clothes and looked at the clothes. I was walking on clouds, seriously but i promised Mason to text him when i arrived. Mason, that name gave me a stab in my heart. I started crying as i took out my phone.

2 new messages.

Mason : Hi Soph, i miss you alot and i miss you :) Please call back.

Mason : Sophie please call back it's been two hours... How is your new house? Have you met any                   people yet? Miss you x

Me : Hi, the house is right in the city and its gigantic, seriously! i miss you too, alot and no i ,             haven't been out yet. Love you x


I had the most amazing room, clothes, phone, laptop and anything i needed, yet my boyfriend was a thousand miles away and i didn't had a mom. 'You're such a unthankful bitch' i told myself. 'You should be happy' i tought about the past few days and it cheered me up. A little.

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