My one and only love for every and always

This is a story like my life but made into a book and I will be using my name and I will be changing my age. Hi I'm Cheyanne I'm 18 just had my birthday and ready leave school I don't have many friends but one day this boy came and talk to me i didn't know him and never seen him before what would he want


3. The beach day

When we let go we went down stair and had breky "what you want to do today" I ask "well we could go to the beach with the boys " he suggest "well I can get to know them more why not" Niall goes up stair and changes ad drives me to my house when I got in the door my brother James just looked at me " were you been" he asks I just irgorne him and walk to my room
Get changed i get in a black bikin with a pink top and dark blue shorts I run down stair and go out the door before my brother could say anything l saw Niall ad the boys "ready Cheyanne " Harry say "of course I am" I say with a gigle

Niall P.O.V
She so pretty I'm glad I have her "alright we're here " I say while getting out the car every one takes the cover ups and runs for the water I stay and watch them and all the Sudden I see Cheyanne go under water I run for the wate we all look for her "CHEYANNE" we all called out .
Hey Guys I'm a bit sick so it hard to do thing and please leave comments to tell me what I should do next I need ideas thanks
Cheyanne XxxOoo
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