My one and only love for every and always

This is a story like my life but made into a book and I will be using my name and I will be changing my age. Hi I'm Cheyanne I'm 18 just had my birthday and ready leave school I don't have many friends but one day this boy came and talk to me i didn't know him and never seen him before what would he want


4. She okay

Niall P.O.V
I was so worried about Cheyanne in till I felt and tap on my shoulder. It was Cheyanne "what the hell you do that for " I say worriedly " do what?" she asks confused. " doesnt matter now you safe and that's all ". I give her a quick kiss and then we're off " who wants nandos " I yell "Niall does and Cheyanne do" Cheyanne yells at the top of her lungs.

Cheyanne P.O.V
I really don't know what I did to make Niall so worried. We got to Nandos and Niall and I pick are table the boys all
Sit with us and we order.

We all were so stuffed when we got to Niall
And the boys beach house I didn't even know that it was so nice intill
All my food was out my Sisteam. " Niall!! Your house is amazing" I say shocked . " well not really amazing it's amaZAYN!!!". We both just look at each other and smile.
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