My one and only love for every and always

This is a story like my life but made into a book and I will be using my name and I will be changing my age. Hi I'm Cheyanne I'm 18 just had my birthday and ready leave school I don't have many friends but one day this boy came and talk to me i didn't know him and never seen him before what would he want


5. Meet the girls

I woke up on the couch to the smell of food I was so hungry. I get up and walk to the kitchen and see food that the boys made me I think. " did you guys make breakfast"I say in a morrning wake up voice " yeah babe we did but for you " my Nialler say he is so cute. We sit done and start to eat what we
Going to do today " well we thought we you could go out with El and Dani today" Liam says with a heap of food in his mouth. " sounds like fun" I say all excited. I race up stairs after finnishing my food. I walk to my bag where I have colthes for today I go with a I <3 reece mastin top and red jeans and black conversers. When the girl get here i didn't really like Elanor but Dani I loved like a sister. " alright all ready Cheyanne" Dani ask "yeah". We say are goodbyes and leave we go to a shop called young and loved. I loved that store it was the best store.
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