My one and only love for every and always

This is a story like my life but made into a book and I will be using my name and I will be changing my age. Hi I'm Cheyanne I'm 18 just had my birthday and ready leave school I don't have many friends but one day this boy came and talk to me i didn't know him and never seen him before what would he want


7. I need I tell you

I woke up really early needing to talk to Niall "Niall Niall wake up I need to tell you something". " Now" "yes"
"Ok what is it"
"Well I want you to meet my mum".
" Ok Cheyanne what about your dad"
" Well that's what I wanted to tell you you can't meet my dad"
"Why Cheyanne did he do something wrong"
" No it's's just he died when I was 11 so you can't meet him he would of loved you too"
" wow Cheyanne how"
" it happened 2 april 2012 it was a Tuesday I was getting ready for
School and my mum got a call saying he died of a heart disease".
"omg Cheyanne I'm so sorry".
We justed stay there talking about my dad it was
About 2:00 PM wow we talk for a whil. I really didn't want the boys
To see me I had been crying so I laid there
And Niall and the boys went out so where.


I woke up to my phone ringing it's Zayn. "hello" he say with sadness
In his voice " hey Zayn what wrong?" " It's Niall he in hospitle" "what I'm on my way"
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