My one and only love for every and always

This is a story like my life but made into a book and I will be using my name and I will be changing my age. Hi I'm Cheyanne I'm 18 just had my birthday and ready leave school I don't have many friends but one day this boy came and talk to me i didn't know him and never seen him before what would he want


6. I don't think I like her

Me and the girls looked around for what it seemed like for ever. I found this really nice top but of course El didn't like it every think i picked out she would say "that's so ugly" or "you could do better" the last time she said it I went off "I like it I'm getting El" I think she got a bit scared because she didn't speack on the way home.

"Hey Baby" I hear my most awesomesst boyfriend in the world. "Hey bab I need to talk to you" I take Nialls hand and lead him into his
Room. "what's wrong?did someone hurt you?" "no
Niall it's El" " what about her Cheyanne" " I don't think me and her a good friends or even friends she is so annoying she keeped saying my style was ugly and I can do better " Woh babe you ok?" "yeah"
We end up falling asleep.
We wake up to Lou coming in " WAKE UP
LOVE BRIDS" " go away lou" I command "not intill you get up" I look at the
clock 10:00 PM "ok Louis Tomlinson we will be up in a sec " Lou leave and I told a little lie I just stay in bed waiting for Niall to get up. "Morning babe " " Niall its 10:00 PM" I say laughing I kiss him and this kiss was different it's not like
All the others he start to kiss my neck. "Niall" " what" " I think we
Should wait we haven't been together long"

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