Make A Joke Of It All

Maddie Brown is the perfect girl, tan, long beautiful hair, great smile and adorable laugh! Her boyfriend Josh, is a different story. He wasn't your typical guy. But what happens when people start to wonder. Is Maddie really the perfect girl with the perfect life??? When she meets Harry styles, teen pop sensation, everything just seems to unfold as she falls for the curly haired cutie;)


3. Sick To My Stomach

Harry's POV Niall was starving and couldnt even shut up about how hungry he was. We all decided that we would go to Nandos. We had a little over an hour before we had to get to he meet and greet and we weren't going to spend it on sitting around doing nothing. "LET'S LEAVE" screamed Niall as he got up and put on his shoes. We all agreed and before we know it we were being followed by about 30 fans. We tried to get rid of them and succeeded after about twenty minutes. When we got to door to go into Nandos me and Louis were joking around about how we were going to get girls numbers and fall in love. We sat down and ordered our food, noticing two girls across from us wearing One direction shirts. I looked up at their faces and saw the most beautiful girl in the world. She had dark long curly hair and was tan her eyelashes were massively long and black. I smiled at her hoping she would notice me. When she finally did, all she did was stare. Maddies POV I couldn't even breathe. I kicked Bella from under the table and told her we need to go to the bathroom. Their table was right next to the hallway to get there. As we walked past I looked back to see the boys all staring at me. Did I sit on a sticker, was there something on my back? I looked in the mirror and was scared out of my wits when Bella screamed "Omg One Direction is Right across from us" I looked at her and squealed with excitement. We walked back out of the bathroom as I bumped into Harry styles. He looked up at me as their was water all over and his shirt was soaking wet. He laughed as I tried to clean him and myself up. All of a sudden he sAys in the cutest voice I have ever heard "don't worry about it, but I may need your number so I can give you a call. I think you deserve a night at Nandos without getting water spilled on you!" I looked up and laughed as he grabbed my waist to walk me to my table. I wrote my digits as I sat down. He took the paper and winked as he walked back to his table. Did I just spill water on Harry styles? And did he just ask for my number?
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