Make A Joke Of It All

Maddie Brown is the perfect girl, tan, long beautiful hair, great smile and adorable laugh! Her boyfriend Josh, is a different story. He wasn't your typical guy. But what happens when people start to wonder. Is Maddie really the perfect girl with the perfect life??? When she meets Harry styles, teen pop sensation, everything just seems to unfold as she falls for the curly haired cutie;)


2. Nandos

Bella's POV I was so excited to meet them. Finally I get to meet One Direction. I don't know how my mom did it but she got meet and greet tickets. I was waiting for Maddie to pick me up. I had my own car but we decided to drive together in case we got lost. I wasn't really that much into One Direction until I heard there song Moments. Thats when I get obssesed. I heard someone knocking at the door as I put my earrings in. I knew it was Maddie but asked my mom to get it for me. A couple seconds later Maddie walked into my room and we both screamed in sync. We looked around the room filled with One Direction posters and I heard Maddie say " We are meeting them" in a happy yet nervous voice. We screamed again and left my room. After I said bye to my mom we got into the car and put in the CD. "You insecure, don't know what for" We sang along as she started driving. We got there an hour later due to traffic but we knew we would be late so we left early. We had an hour to spare so we parked the car and left for Nando's. We only walked about a block because there where no parking spots. We got there and ordered our food. We started eating and fell in love with the chicken.

Maddies POV After a couple of minutes I heard the bell on the door ring. After the people sat down and ordered I looked at them and saw One Direction sitting across from us. I couldn't even speak yet alone smile back at the gorgeous Harry Styles.

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