Make A Joke Of It All

Maddie Brown is the perfect girl, tan, long beautiful hair, great smile and adorable laugh! Her boyfriend Josh, is a different story. He wasn't your typical guy. But what happens when people start to wonder. Is Maddie really the perfect girl with the perfect life??? When she meets Harry styles, teen pop sensation, everything just seems to unfold as she falls for the curly haired cutie;)


5. Finger Slamming

Harr's POV

She started walking out the door with her friend. I quickly followed her. "Well when can I see you again?" You'll see me soon enough". I didn't know what she meant about that but I knew she wasn't lying. The door was shuting after I held it open for her As the big chunk of metal and glass slammed on my hand. I screamed in pain and went back inside. It was throbbing and you can already start to see it bruise. I sat back down next to the other boys, and they all started laughing. "What's so funny?". After about 5 minutes of laughter, they finally got their breathe to say "HARRY'S IN LOVE" all in sync.

Bella's POV

"What just happened!!!?" I was practically screaming down the streets almost crying. Maddie was such a beautiful girl, and I was happy that Harry Styles thought that too. There was just so much happiness and laughter. Until I brought up Josh. "Maddie, what about Josh? What if he finds out your getting closer and closer to dating Harry Styles?" She turned to me and opened her eyes wide, filled with tears. "I have to break up with him. But I can't he won't let me. If I told him I was leaving he would literally kill me before I could be with another person." She lifted up her arm and took my water bottle from me. Then she poured it on her wrist. It was a black and purple bruise obviously caused by Josh. I teared up and walked away mad at her for something. I wasn't sure why I was mad at her. But I was. She held onto my shoulder and wouldn't let me walk away. "What do you want?" I said obviously mad. "Why are you mad?" BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T LISTEN, YOU KNEW I TOLD YOU AND YOU IGNORED ME LIKE IM SO PUPPY!!!" "Told me what?" She said. "That Josh wasn't good OK!!!" As soon as I said it, I wanted to put those words back into my mouth. Because what happened next, could be the end of our friendship.

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