Make A Joke Of It All

Maddie Brown is the perfect girl, tan, long beautiful hair, great smile and adorable laugh! Her boyfriend Josh, is a different story. He wasn't your typical guy. But what happens when people start to wonder. Is Maddie really the perfect girl with the perfect life??? When she meets Harry styles, teen pop sensation, everything just seems to unfold as she falls for the curly haired cutie;)


4. 6 Digits :)

Harry's POV She is beautiful and I am getting her number, I mean who wouldnt want to go out with me? Right? She grabbed the pen I got from the front desk and started writing down her number on a napkin. She finished and I looked at the napkin. "There's only six digits" I said, she replied with "It's all about the chase. Isn't it? ". I was shocked at her confidence, but didn't show it. I looked at her and say "It depends" , quickly followed by her saying "Yeah on what?", "How well they can play the game".



Sorry for the short chapter, but I hope you like it anyway. But how do you like the whole thing so far? Comment and like:) LOVE YOU ALL:) <3

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