Make A Joke Of It All

Maddie Brown is the perfect girl, tan, long beautiful hair, great smile and adorable laugh! Her boyfriend Josh, is a different story. He wasn't your typical guy. But what happens when people start to wonder. Is Maddie really the perfect girl with the perfect life??? When she meets Harry styles, teen pop sensation, everything just seems to unfold as she falls for the curly haired cutie;)


1. Getting Ready

Maddies POV I look down and cover my bruise with concealer and powder just to hide my embarresment. Me and Josh used to be so happy I thought to myself. My eyes started to tear up and I got off the subject. I look at my mirror and see pictures of Josh and I when we were happy. And then see Bella my best friend since 3rd grade. But most of the pictures were One Direction. I take out my makeup bag and start putting on my mascara which made my eyes big and bright. I pulled my hair into a ponytail like every other day. I looked down right by my hip where me hair stopped, and told myself I need a haircut. It was way to curly to let it grow more. I straightened my clothes, sprayed on my perfume, grabbed my keys, and got into my car. Today was the day, I met One Direction :)

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