A new member of the horan family.

When Taylor and Niall find out that Taylor got pregnant in Paris they immediatly put there honeymoon on a halt and fly back to London to buy a house a finally get there lifes started, what will niall and Taylor Think about becoming parents?


3. Moving

Taylor woke up in the morning and got dressed in comfy sweats and went downstairs to see the boys and Gemma sitting around the table "lets do this!" she said, they all went upstairs and started piling the boxes into Taylor, Niall, Louis and Harrys cars and then drove down to there new house. They started unpacking. After they unpacked they went to peir 1 inports and started picking out things for the house. They also decided on painting the babys room baby blue. When they got home they started painting, after they were done they started setting the room up, a crib rocking chair and changing table. In the rocking chair sat a pink sock monkey. They went down stairs and started putting the living room, bathroom, dining room and kitchen together. After they were done taylor and niall collapsed on the brand new couch. "we did it!" taylor said happiley. Then there was a knock on the door, taylor got up and opened it. "mom"! Taylor said happily pulling her into a hug. She looked beside her "john"! And gave him a hug to. Niall and John left to get Taylors items from her old house. After everything was brought up the started putting the guest bedroom together so Nina(Taylors mom) and John could sleep in the room. "oh my god!" mom i told you not to bring my one direction stuff!" taylor said angrly to her. "well i had an idea! We take a poster of each of the boys, frame it and hang it up on the wall infront of the staircase!" said Nina "actually thats not a bad idea!" niall said to her. "whatever you want sweetheart!" said Taylor
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