A new member of the horan family.

When Taylor and Niall find out that Taylor got pregnant in Paris they immediatly put there honeymoon on a halt and fly back to London to buy a house a finally get there lifes started, what will niall and Taylor Think about becoming parents?


2. House hunting

After the were done talking about that they all decided upon looking for a condo in the main part of london. They agreed on a 2 floor condo and went to go and see it. It was big enough for a 5 person family and had a fairly sized yard with a pool in the back. "we'll take it!" niall said happily. "okay well you can move in say tomorrow because you don't need to sell your house and nobody lives here". Said the real estate agent. "ok lets sign the papers!" taylot said to her. She took out a couple of papers and they signed them, "so this place will be around £400 a month" said the real estate agent. "ok?" taylor said. Niall looked at taylor and said "619$ canadian".
B Niall smiled at her. "oh!" taylor responded to him. After they signed the papers they went back to the house and started packing up their stuff. Taylor left the room and called her mom "can you send the remaining things i have in my room and NOT the one direction posters!"Taylor asked "ya so like everything then? I'm going to come up and drop it off, maybe help to move?" her mom said "ya! That would be great! Start driving and i'll see you tomorrow!" taylor said "ok see you in 12 hours!" Her mom replied and then the line went dead. She went back into her and nialls room and started packing stuff in boxes. She started shoving random things of hers in multipul boxes and then went and checked her twitter, millions for followers were already following her. She closed her laptop and went to bed with niall right beside her. "good night babys!" niall said "good night baby! Love you!" taylor said as she kissed her hand and touched to her belly and then kissed niall on the lips.
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