A new member of the horan family.

When Taylor and Niall find out that Taylor got pregnant in Paris they immediatly put there honeymoon on a halt and fly back to London to buy a house a finally get there lifes started, what will niall and Taylor Think about becoming parents?


4. Going to the doctors

The next day Taylor, Niall, Nina, John, Louis, Liam, Zayn and harry all went to the doctors office to see the baby. "it turns out that the babies will be born in about 11 months!" the doctor said. "wait babies?" taylor said. "umm yeah! Your expectiong a son and a daughter!" the doctor said happily "well i guess we're going to have a baby illianna and Niall J!" Niall said Sounding over the moon. After the doctors trip they all went out and bought hot pink paint, another crib and another changing station and they bought baby clothes. "so any baby names!?" harry asked niall "yup! Chase, Niall J, Ellie or illianna!" said niall back to harry."cool names." Harry said. When they came back to the house they walked into the 3 rd bedroom that hadn't even been seen. Everyone except for Taylor set to work getting the room set up instead she went into her bedroom and sat down on the bed picking her bed picking up her ipad and logging onto twitter, she laughed at the 3 million followers she had gained, just because she was married to niall. She clicked on the tweet button and tweeted "u'll all be happy to know that me and niall are expecting twins!" almost immeditly she got re-tweets and messages, she looked through all of the messages, most of them positive and some of them saying "die, taylor!" after she saw that she deleted the tweet and logged onto her facebook account, 99 notifications, 60 messages and 20 friend requests. She looked through the notifcations, all comments and likes on my photos, messages from diffrent people wanting attention and then the friend requests were all from fans, she accepted 4 of them and then posted "like if you want me to send your name to niall :)"
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