A new member of the horan family.

When Taylor and Niall find out that Taylor got pregnant in Paris they immediatly put there honeymoon on a halt and fly back to London to buy a house a finally get there lifes started, what will niall and Taylor Think about becoming parents?


1. Back to london

"yes we will!" niall said as he hugged her belly. The next day they packed up there stuff and headed back home to london. They walked out of the room and down to the lobby. "hi the horans.. We'd like to sign out early because Taylor needs to go home." He said in french. "oh certainly! Would you like to get your limo to pick you up today to?" the man asked back. "oui." Niall said back to him. They waited outside the hotel and talked to a few fans and signed some autographs. When the limo arrived they said good-bye to the fans and got in hand-in-hand. As soon as they were at the airport they boared onto a helicopter and made there way to london, along the way they talked about what they should name the baby. They both agreed on Ellie, illyanna, chase and Niall J. Once they landed and got out of the helicopter they wern't suprised at all to see heaps and heaps of fans waiting for them. They signed some more autographs and then got into the car to take them to Harry and Gemma's house. When they got to the house Everybody was outside with congratulation signs. They got out and everybody came rushing to give them a hug. When they got into the house they started to talk about there trip and the baby names.
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