One More Day

Kimmy Foster lives in a small town and all she wants is to travel. When the British boy band, One Direction, come to her town to visit, she immidiatly falls in love with one of the boys. But what will she do when they have to go on tour? Read and find out! This is my first fanfic. Hope you enjoy!


3. Niall's POV

We were walking around the small town that the boys and I decided to stay in while on break. We didn't think many people would know us here. We were wrong. In the first hour, there was a huge mob of poperazzi asking us questions. This was going to be a fun break. After we got them to go away, we realized that we had no clue where to go. "Should we go up to a house and ask someone?" Liam asked. That seemed like a good idea, so we went up to the first house that was nearest to us. Harry rang the doorbell and we waited. I heard someone from inside yell something and running footsteps. The door opened, and standing there was the most gorgeous girl I'd ever seen. Her hair was like a waterfall of melted caramel over her shoulder, and her blue/green eye seemed to glow even though clouds were over the sky. She showed a smile of perfect teeth and said, "Hello, can I help you with anything?" she asked. Of course, Harry stepped forward with a flirty smile on his face. No. I wasn't going to let him waste her. She was gonna be my princess. I couldn't really pay attention because I noticed a red mark appearing on her face. Did she get slapped? What happened? If she did, she defidently didn't deserve it. "Come on Niall," zayn spoke up. Woah. They were already on the sidewalk. I said thanks and handed her a piece of paper with my number on it, and then joined the boys on the sidewalk. "You fancy her, don't you?" Louis asked playfully. "No," I lied. But I could feel that they knew I liked her.
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