One More Day

Kimmy Foster lives in a small town and all she wants is to travel. When the British boy band, One Direction, come to her town to visit, she immidiatly falls in love with one of the boys. But what will she do when they have to go on tour? Read and find out! This is my first fanfic. Hope you enjoy!


1. New Boyfriend

"Kimmy! Come downstairs! There's someone I want you to meet," my mom yelled from downstairs. Ugh. I saw this comming. I had seen her texts to him. My mom and dad divorced a long time ago. I knew she was feeling lonely, but I felt like now I could take care of her. For some reason, I didn't want another man in my mom's life. I trudged down the steps and saw her sitting at the counter, holding hands with a guy that was tall, buff, and looked mean as hell. I immediately didn't like him. "Kim, this is Bill. He's my new boyfriend!", my mom said excitedly. "That's... Great," I said, a fake smile spreading across my face. He had puny eyes. He was bald. I really didn't like him. "Hello," he said, holding out his hand. I shook it, but he squeezed my hand really hard. I winced and let go. "Nice to meet you," I said weakly. This guy was going to be trouble.
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