Am I Really Good Enough

Natasha, Jade, Bridget and I have finally got our big break. After 4 BRUTAL years of high school we were all finally being recognized. We all worked so hard everyday practicing songs, trying to learn to play instruments, and trying to maintain our lives and "relationships". We were finally going to your with one of our favorite bands, One Direction. I'm Sammi Elliot and I am the lead singer of Reality. Not actual reality, our band.

Hi this is my first fanfic and feel free to tell me if it's terrible :)) I don't take it personally


31. Suprise

Harry's P.O.V.
I watched Sammi on stage. Watching her preform made my heart melt. She was perfect, every note, every song, every movement. Perfect.
I leaned over to Niall," Hey do you want to go to the hotel resturant with me and Sammi? You and Jade can tag along."
He didn't tear his eyes away from her," what if we get caught. People are already suspicious."
" Can I ask you a question?"
" Sure go ahead," he replied.
" what did management say to you guys? Why couldn't you be together?"
" we never gave them the chance to reply.. I wish we had though." he seemed upset.
" So do you want to come?"
" I don't see what harm it will do. Sure."

Jade's P.O.V.
We came off the stage with such a thrill. I could've preformed all night.
We walked back to the dressing room, and I found a text from Niall.
'Make sure you and Sammi dress well when we get to the hotel we are staying at. <3 Niall'
"Sam!!!" I yelled across the room.
" What? She had changed out of her performing clothes and back into jeans and a black top.
" Niall wants us to dress well when we get back to the hotel. I think Harry and him are taking us somewhere."
" This late?!" she asked.
I just nodded. She ran back to her part of the dressing room and came back with a pair of navy blue leggings with a long, flowey white shirt. She also had white short Uggs on, which I adored.
" Is this ok?" she asked.
" You look great. I think I'm going to wear a dress," I said.
She grinned," I have an idea.

Sammi's P.O.V.
I had changed again into a silver dress that wasn't too right, and a pair of black boos to match the jewels on the top of it. It was strapless so I had to keep pulling it up till I fixed it.
Jade looked gorgeous. I had picked out a light pink short dress for her that had ruffes on the bottom. It wasn't usually her style, but she did like it.
We were finishing up her hair when the doorbell rang of our suite.
" Stay here," I said and ran in my heels to get the door.

Harry's P.O.V.
She opened the door and my mouth dropped.
Niall spoke first," You look nice Sammi, wheres Jade?".
" She's, we'll I'm finishing getting her ready. Be right back."
I quickly grabbed her arm, pulled her around and kissed her.
" You look beautiful," I said.
She blushed," Thanks you don't look half bad yourself," she said straightening my bow tie.
She moves away and went to get Jade.
" Wow," was all I could say
" Uhuh." Niall replied.

Niall's P.O.V.
Jade came down the stairs and I think my mouth actually hit the floor. She was in a pink dress, which she rarely wore that color.
It looked stunning.
I walked up to her," the word beautiful doesn't even give you justice."
She blushed.
" Shall we be on our way?" Harry asked.
" Where are we going?" Jade asked looking at me.
" Dinner and an adventure." I smiled and we walked out the door.

Sammi's P.O.V.
I couldn't believe how nice the resturant in the hotel was. Or how good the food was.
After we had finished we hoped in a car and pulled up to watch seemed to be a beach. It reminded me of home, except the ocean was way prettier than lake Erie.
" Wow. This is beautiful," I said.
Jade nodded.
Harry led me to the rocks that went out into the water.
" I can't climb them with my shoes.. I can just take them..." I began.
He had picked me up (surprisingly) and was now carrying me down the rocks.
" How are you doing that?" i asked.
" Don't make me start again about you being light," he said.
Once he say me down we sat down on the rocks and watched the waves.
It was almost like that night in January, except now was even more perfect.
" Thank you," I said.
He looked at me funny," For what?".
" For accepting me for who I am."

Jade's P.O.V.
Niall and I sat on a bench that was on the sand.
" This is so beautiful," I said.
" Not as beautiful as you though."
I laughed.
" What?" he asked looking hurt.
" Thats such an old and cheesy line," I replied.
He fake pouted.
" Awww common Nialler, you can't be mad at me!" I said jokingly.
He turned away.
I stood up, watches around to face him, took his head in my hands, and kissed him.
" Thanks for the suprise tonight. I loved it," I said.
" Would it be considered cheesy to say and I love you?" he asked
I laughed, and kissed him again.
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