Am I Really Good Enough

Natasha, Jade, Bridget and I have finally got our big break. After 4 BRUTAL years of high school we were all finally being recognized. We all worked so hard everyday practicing songs, trying to learn to play instruments, and trying to maintain our lives and "relationships". We were finally going to your with one of our favorite bands, One Direction. I'm Sammi Elliot and I am the lead singer of Reality. Not actual reality, our band.

Hi this is my first fanfic and feel free to tell me if it's terrible :)) I don't take it personally


73. Miscommunication

Natalie's P.O.V.
I jumped out of the car and sprinted to Josh," Where. Is. She?!?!"
I could feel Zayn behind me. Grabbing my wrist trying to pull me back.
" She's just getting her luggage. Calm down."
I sighed in relief. She was ok.
Zayn wrapped his arms around me," Come on, let go back to the van."

Sammi's P.O.V.
I was laying on my stomach in my bed, icing my lower back.
There was a huge bruise. Scraps and scratches and rug burns all over my back. It hurt to shower, but i did.
I was on my laptop, looking at all the latest news.
It didn't hit me that I'd be in so many articles.
All of them were 'Sarry vs. Lammi'
I heard laughing Behind me as I was midway threw an article on Lammi.
" What do you want Lou?" I asked.
He laid down on his stomach beside me," You actually read that stuff?"
" Sometimes."
" Well you won't have to worry about it."
" Why not? It's everywhere!"
" I umm... I got back together with Eleanor."
My heart dropped. Why would it drop? I should be happy for him.
" Awwww! Lou that's great! Did I not say you guys were perfect for each other!"
He laughed," Hah yeah..."
I squeezed his hand," This is good for you. You can be back with someone who treats you like you should be treated."
My heart still felt.... Heavy. But I knew this was good. I loved Harry, and Lou could be with Eleanor.
" I don't think my feelings will ever change toward you."
I took my hands away from his," You don't mean that. You will."
" Your not making this easier on me."
" What? Lou, your back with someone. It doesnt matter."
" But everywhere I turn there you are, and all I want to do is wrap my arms around you, be able to be like that with you."
" But you can't pass that line. You have to promise me you won't Lou. Because I can't hurt Harry."
" Wouldn't you just stop me?"
I shook my head," No, I-I don't think id be able to."
He shook his head and left.
I started to come back down to earth. I love Harry and Harry loves me. Louis likes Eleanor. And we will never be together.

Louis's P.O.V.
Walking away from that was One of the hardest things I've ever done. But she asked me not to step over that line, and I don't plan on doing so. For Harry.

Harry's P.O.V.
I was still relieved she was alright. Her back looked terrible though. I'm suprised it was infected, but she looked so tired and yet she wasn't sleeping.
I hopped in beside her," What's wrong love?"
She smiled," I was waiting for you. I don't think tonight I'll be able to sleep without someone next to me."
" Well I guess I'm your guy then!"

*** Authors note*** please continue to answer the questions from before :) I really appreciate it
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