Am I Really Good Enough

Natasha, Jade, Bridget and I have finally got our big break. After 4 BRUTAL years of high school we were all finally being recognized. We all worked so hard everyday practicing songs, trying to learn to play instruments, and trying to maintain our lives and "relationships". We were finally going to your with one of our favorite bands, One Direction. I'm Sammi Elliot and I am the lead singer of Reality. Not actual reality, our band.

Hi this is my first fanfic and feel free to tell me if it's terrible :)) I don't take it personally


68. I Don't L...

Bridget's P.O.V.
" What?" I didn't want to believe it.
" I can't be with you. I can't handle a family this young."
I was furious stepping through his door," And you think I can? This isn't just my problem."
" Bridge I cant even come to terms with what happened before this. It was way to fast. And now..."
" Your not giving me an excuse for this," I snapped my head around I him.
I could feel my heart split in two," Oh.."
He immediatly tried to make it better," Bridge you know I don't mean it like that.."
" No." I paused," That's exactly what you mean. At least now I can give my son or daughter a reason why he or she doesn't have a father."
" Your keeping it?" he asked.
" My faith doesn't believe in abortion. I plan to actually stick to that rule."
" We haven't even been dating that long.."
" Haven't? Try hadn't Josh."
And I walked out.
I got what I wanted. An answer, and it was then that I knew, I was on my own.

Natalie's P.O.V.
She came back crying. I just didn't know what to do other then comfort her the best I could.
Josh was a complete idiot.
He didn't love her? Well his kid wouldn't even know him.

Sammi's P.O.V.
I walked over in my pajamas with my wet hair down drying.
Jade was showering, so Niall went to go talk to Josh.
Leaving Harry with me.
I honestly felt bad about earlier, so I wrapped my arms around him and whispered," I'm sorry about earlier. I overreacted."
He smiled," Is this part of you owing me?"
I laughed," More like me not being a complete drama queen when my boyfriend is just trying to help me."

Harry's P.O.V.
The way she said boyfriend made me smile. I loved that she was mine.
" So what do you want to do why we wait for Jade and Niall?" she asked.
I smiled," Well..."
And I crash my lips against hers. Just kissing her for that time made me feel incredible. It was the same rush I got when I first started performing.
The door opened and we separated, stealing glances at each other.
We all sat down and started the movie.
I was beginning to doze off when Natalie burst in," Bridgets gone!!!"

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