Am I Really Good Enough

Natasha, Jade, Bridget and I have finally got our big break. After 4 BRUTAL years of high school we were all finally being recognized. We all worked so hard everyday practicing songs, trying to learn to play instruments, and trying to maintain our lives and "relationships". We were finally going to your with one of our favorite bands, One Direction. I'm Sammi Elliot and I am the lead singer of Reality. Not actual reality, our band.

Hi this is my first fanfic and feel free to tell me if it's terrible :)) I don't take it personally


33. Connecticut

Sammi's P.O.V.
We landed in Connecticut around 9, and we're immediately ushered to the hotel. My ankle swelled up on the plane, but I didn't dare tell Harry. I couldnt be hurt again, I couldn't go through therapy again. He insisted on carrying me once we got off, but I told him I was fine. I was trying my hardest to not limp as we walked to the car and then again once we got to the hotel.
We were in the elevator when our manager Katie called me.
" Hello?" I answered moving my long brown hair away from my ear.
" Sammi I'm sending you a link for rehersal times and etc," she said quickly.
I still couldn't believe she didn't come with us. We were many with the boys and their managers, but I highly doubted we would need security.
" Ok I'll pass on the message," and I hung up.

Louis's P.O.V.
I still felt bad about Sammi's ankle. Hopefully she wouldn't get mad when she figured out we called a doctor to come here.
I looked sideways at Jade," Make sure she stays in your room."
She nodded.

Harry's P.O.V.
An hour after we arrived at the hotel, so did the doctor.
Sammi refused at first, but when I made her take off her brace she realized how bad it was.
It was swelled up quick a bit from before.
He did some tests and then pulled me out into the hall.
" And you said she's ha major problems before?"
" I've been told she has," I replied.
" Well its a level three sprained which is the worst it could be. She needs to wear a boot for 4 weeks, and use crutches for the first week."
" Ok thank you so much," I said.
He left the boot and crutches with us and then left the hotel.
" What about the concert!?"
"There's only two in the next week you will be fine. You just won't move as much on stage."
" Where do we go from here?" she asked.
I smiled, " Cleveland."
And she froze.

Louis's P.O.V.
She was out for two weeks on crutches and four weeks with a boot... And it was my fault. I walked into her room to find her alone. Where had Harry gone? And Jade?
" Hey feeling better Sammi?" I asked.
" Physically yes, mentally no."
" Why?"
Her phone buzzed and she groaned. I picked it up.
' Maddison- Hey when are you guys coming to Cleveland? I'd love to hang with Jade and Bridge and u guys :)'
" Like you want to hang out with me!" she yelled tossing the phone aside.
" Who's Maddison?" I asked.
" She acts like she likes me and Nate but she doesn't. In high school we didn't here from Bridget for months and Jade would barely talk to us. The whole popularity thing was her specialty. One day Jade and Bridge weren't good enough for her so she ditched them and that leads us to why I hate her."
" She sounds like a total.."
" Don't swear," she interrupted.
" How did you know I would.."
" Because I call her that in my head. Anyway she'll try to hang out with us just so she can become popular in another way."
" Like famous?" I asked
She nodded, and Jade came in the room.

Sammi's P.O.V.
Jade came in screaming, " Oh My God!! Guess who texted me!! Maddison! We should totally meet up with her!"
I look at Louis. He just laughed.
" What?" she asked.
" Nothing... "

*** Authors note: sorry guys I know this chapter is garbage but it was needed for the story.**
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