Am I Really Good Enough

Natasha, Jade, Bridget and I have finally got our big break. After 4 BRUTAL years of high school we were all finally being recognized. We all worked so hard everyday practicing songs, trying to learn to play instruments, and trying to maintain our lives and "relationships". We were finally going to your with one of our favorite bands, One Direction. I'm Sammi Elliot and I am the lead singer of Reality. Not actual reality, our band.

Hi this is my first fanfic and feel free to tell me if it's terrible :)) I don't take it personally


1. The news

"Hello, Elliot residence" I answered the phone. I wasn't expecting a phone call.. Maybe it was for Jade, she always had guys calling her.
"Good afternoon Miss I was looking to talk to either Sammi or Bridget. My name is Todd and I work for Sony Records"
"Oh hi! This is Sammi speaking"
"oh good we were calling cause we got your link for your band's album, along with ur cover of 'Skyscraper' and we are interested in working with you and the other girls."
I was speechless. The countless hours of bickering over song lyrics and which covers to do next, along with the constant battle of high school homework, varsity basketball (which included MANY workouts), and maintaining what I thought was my life long relationship with Aaron paid off. All in that moment.
"Oh my God thank you so much! We've been waiting for an opportunity like this our entire lives!"
"You guys deserve it! We see all the work you put into 'Reality'. You will have a meeting Monday morning at 10 o'clock sharp to discuss songs, design, and management that will be going with you on tour." Wait... Did he just say tour!!??
"we will be there Mr. Uh..." I can't believe I didn't pick up his last name.
"Jamison. But just call me Todd. We will see you and the rest of the girl first thing Monday morning!"
I thought about asking him who we are touring with but I was still in shock from all the other news
"Alright!" i hung up the phone. Think simple thoughts Sammi, try to take it all in. What just happened? Reality will b working with Sony Records and appearently you are going on tour. You don't know with who yet you will have to wait till Monday. What is the most logical thing to do next?
I had to take myself through the next few hours of my life. I quickly texted Jade, Bridget, and Natalie to come over ASAP and well like any best friends would they showed up.
"Vas Happenin?!" Natalie yelled as a walked up to her black jeep which had her and Jade inside of it. Yeah, we were all pretty big directioners, Natalie having a HUGE crush on Zayn, Jade on Niall, Bridget on Louis, and I... Well I had to admit Harry was kind of cute.
"Not much, get inside its freezing" I paused noticing I was standing outside in the middle of January in my bare feet, sweats and a t-shirt. Don't judge me, I'm not the skinniest girl so I can't wear a lot of things for instance that Bridget and Natalie can. They were both SUPER cute and skinny, so even if we did meet one direction, I would b the one over looked.
I see Bridget's big red car drive into my driveway and scream from the porch "Band meeting in my room!"
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