Pick Wisely

It has been 1 year since Madison spilled her heart out to Harry and he did not even say a word. Since then Harry has been on tour, while Madison replays that momment everyday regreting telling him to 'never talk to me again'. But what will happen when old life-long friends see each other again, will she start to fall for one of 'Hazza's' bandmates? This will have to be the toughest descion Madison has ever made.


2. Isn't She Lovely

*Harry's POV*

As the lads and I were on our way I was sharing stories of all the places we passed. But, as we passed one house I started to tear up but I quickly attempted to wipe it away, that did nothing as I started to cry a river on Louis shoulder. I confessed everything about what happened with Madison. The boys assured me that everything will be okay. Thinking about it the worst part was that I felt the same way but as she told me I just stood there like an idiot and lost my bestfriend and the love of my life. As I wipe away my last tear we pulled up to my house to see everyone in my front yard. The lads and I hop out and start to great everyone. I was giving everyone hugs when I see the most beautiful girl, Madison. I chuckle as I notice she is in heels but i couldn't bring myself to say hello to her let alone hug her.


*Madison's POV*

I don't even know what I was expecting. We locked eyes and he didn't even say hello, but the words he said to Anne made my heart sank."I wasn't expecting her.". What did he mean? As I start to walk away to go to my car I feel a hand on my arm. It wasn't who I was expecting, but it was his bandmate, Zayn. "Where are you going, the party is this way love?" Zayn said in a smooth and almost relaxing voice. "I think I'm just going to go home. I am not the most welcomed guest." I replied trying to hold back my tears. "Come along love, you are welcomed by me at least." . Zayn said embracing me into a warm and home like hug. As he released me all of the other guys came and gave me a hello and a hug while we introduced ourselves. We all walked in together and I sat in between Zayn and Niall at the table. "So how long have you and Harry been friends?" One of Harry"s friends asked. Friends. Ughhh. I hate that word. Escpecially when it comes to Harry. Friend was the zone I hated. I always wanted to be more than that with him. I snapped out of it to see everyone staring at me. I looked into Harry's eyes but quickly looked away when he said "Well, Madison?" in a rough voice. I felt my face get hot and felt weak. I just looked down at the champagne in my glass. "For... forever" I chocked out. I felt someones hand grab onto mine under the table and jumped. "You alright love? I heard in a deep yet sensitive voice whispering into my ear. I looked into his dark brown eyes as he winked and gave me a smile. Is Zayn flirting with me? 

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