Pick Wisely

It has been 1 year since Madison spilled her heart out to Harry and he did not even say a word. Since then Harry has been on tour, while Madison replays that momment everyday regreting telling him to 'never talk to me again'. But what will happen when old life-long friends see each other again, will she start to fall for one of 'Hazza's' bandmates? This will have to be the toughest descion Madison has ever made.


3. Frozen and can't breath

*Madison's POV*

I wanted to pull my hand away, but I couldn't. I just stared down at his hand as he squeezed it harder. I brought my eyes up to see Harry's and both our eyes locked and I quickly pulled my hand away. I felt guilty, like I did something wrongeven though it felt so right. I was obviously zoning out, letting my thoughts take over me when I realized people were talking to me. "HELO! Madison?!?!?! Are you there??? Come back to earth!" I heard Louis yelling in a shrill voice from across the table. "Yup?" I sat up in my seat realizing I had once again embareced myself. "I asked if you wanted to go out for drinks with us." Niall said as he stood up from the table.

The bar scene wasn't really my thing but I nodded my head. "Anything to block you from my mind" I said under my breath as I stood up and adjusted my dress. By the time we got to the bar, all the boys were hyped up but I wasn't quite feeling it. I walked up to the counter and took a seat on the stool just staring at all the wine and liquor bottles on the racks. "The lady and I will have some shots, it on me love." I looked up to see Zayn. "Trying to pick me up Malik?" I said smirking. A smile spread across his face and he let out the cutest chuckle. I smacked the stool indicating him to come and sit and keep me company. I knew I was flirting with him but I couldn't help it. He had something about him that made me attracted to him. "So have you found your prince charming yet?" He asked with a sad smile. I looked around the bar acting like I didn't hear his question until I saw him.

Harry was being pinned up against the wall by some slut with her boobs hanging out of her "shirt". I felt my heart shatter, my eyes turned cold and locked onto the. I glanced back at Zayn who was seeing what I was seeing . "Don't cry Madison.." I mumbled to myself. Just as I said that, I let out a small sob which only got worse the harder I try to stop. My vision was blurry and I felt myself getting nauseous. I could tell Zayn knew what was going on just by his facial expression. "That's it! I've had enough!" I screeched as I pulled Zayn's face to mine, placing my lips on his. His lips were soft but strong. His tongue slid across my bottom lip asking for entrance in which I granted. I thought nothing could ruin this moment until I heard a gasp come from behind me. I whipped around on the bar stool to see Harry standing there.

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