Pick Wisely

It has been 1 year since Madison spilled her heart out to Harry and he did not even say a word. Since then Harry has been on tour, while Madison replays that momment everyday regreting telling him to 'never talk to me again'. But what will happen when old life-long friends see each other again, will she start to fall for one of 'Hazza's' bandmates? This will have to be the toughest descion Madison has ever made.


1. Forget About Me

 It's been 1 year since I had last seen him. 1 year ago I left my heart on his doorstep. The image of his shining emerald eyes looking through me as I confessed my love for him, that image is still burning in my head. He just stood there while there were tears streaming down my face. In that momment I had realized I just truely lost my bestfriend for good. Now he is back from being on tour for a short break. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. As I was thinking I felt my phone buzz. "Hey Madison! Are you coming to Harry's party tonight?" That was the text I was trying to avoid all day from Anne. I don't know how I can face him after last year and say "I miss you"when the last thing I said to him was to 'Forget about our friendship, about us, and just forget about me!' let alone sit at the same table. But I still forced my fingers to type "I would love to. What time should I get there?". Within a minute she responded "Come around in about 2 hours. I know Harry has missed you!" After reading that I wondered if he really did. So I got up and started to get ready for the party. I put on a tight black long-sleeved dress with a pair of gold heels and I curled my long dark brown hair. I knew I couldn't avoid this day no matter how hard I try.



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