This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


3. Wake Up Call


"Marissa?" I opened my eyes and my vision was blurred. I kept blinking my eyes  to clear my vision. I sat up and saw Harry. "I had the weirdest dre-" Harry got  up and walked over to the door of the room I was in. I saw him give a hand  motion and he came back over to me. "What was that about? There's nobody out  th-" I saw a very handsome and oddly familiar face appear from behind the door  and he walked in. "Hello love." Is that Louis Tomlinson?!? It can't be! I stared  into those beautiful eyes of his. Harry elbowed me slightly. "Uh....hi. I'm  Marissa." I held out my hand for him to shake but instead he came up to me and  gave me a hug. I started to feel faint again. "Harry, get the girl water. She  looks faint."Louis said. "No! I'm fine, I can get it myself." I got up and  walked out of the room. I didn't like being helped, it made me feel weak; like I  was helpless. I'm an independent young woman. On my way to the kitchen I passed  the living room and saw the other boys. I tried not to get overwhelmed so I just  waved 'hi' passing by. I got my water and sat down on the stool.  LOUIS' POV: "Wow, she's feisty." I said once Marissa left the room. "Yeah. She's  very independent." "I like that, and she's beautiful. I'm going to go talk to  her, to get to know her." I started towards the door when Harry said, "Louis,  just be careful of what you say. She's sensitive about some stuff. And try to  cheer her up, she's been kinda down since she got here." I went to the kitchen  and she was sitting there looking down at the  counter. "I have to admit it,  that is a good looking counter top." I joked. Marissa lifted her head and smiled  at me. "I'm sorry. I prefer to help myself" she said. I sat down next to her and  she looked back down at the counter. "It's ok, I like women that can take care  of themselves. And that have curly brown hair." I pushed her hair behind her  ear. She started tapping her fingers. I could see that she tried to look at me,  but for some reason she couldn't. "Why won't you look at me?" "Wow.....this is  embarrassing. Um, well. I've been a fan of you guys forever and I-I-I. Oh God,  I'm stuttering." "I think it's cute." She tried to look at me but couldn't. She  took a deep breath, "Im just going to blurt this out to get it over with.....I  have a crush on you and when I try to look at you I blush and my heart speeds  up." "I would be lying if I said that the same thing doesn't happen when I look  at you." I saw her smile and blush. "Then how do you do it?" "Honestly, I got  used to it with Eleanor. But looking at you, the feeling seems to be stronger."  I picked her head up but she resisted. "I'm sorry Louis, I don't mean to give  you the impression that I don't like you, but it's just that I'm not in the best  mood right now." I went to give her a hug but she got up and ran to Harry. LISA'S POV: I couldn't be loved by Louis right now, I had something, somebody,  else on my mind. I ran over to Harry,"Can you please show me my room?" "Sure.  How are you doing with Louis?" "I don't want to talk about it." I followed Harry  to the stairs. He went to get my bags. "I got them."I said. "Are you sure?  They're pretty heavy." "I said I got it." I picked up my bags and went up  stairs. I followed Harry down a long hall. He showed me where his room is and  where Louis' room is. "What do you mean Louis' room?!?" "He lives with me." "I  thought that you lived with your mum and sister and step dad." "No, the e-mail  that my mum sent you said that you would be moving in with me, not my mum." Oh  this is just great. I will be living awkwardly for the rest of my life, how  exciting. Harry got to my room which was right across from Louis'. "This is it."  He opened the door and I saw a huge light green colored room. It had a private  bathroom and a big walk-in closet. "Wow, this is huge!" I dropped my bags and  ran right to my new white bed. It had pretty bed sheets too. "I didn't know that  you actually had a sense of design Harry." "I didn't design it. Louis did."  "Well that explains the stripes on the bed." "Look in your closet." I walked  into the closet and saw a lot of cute clothes already hung up. "Let me guess,  Louis picked these out too?" "Yes, but I helped also." I took a short skirt that  was hanging up and said, "Yup, you definitely helped." He smiled and sat down on  my bed. "Do you like it?" Harry asked. "Of course I do! I love it!" I put the  skirt back in the closet, ran to my bed, and hugged Harry. "Thanks." I said. "No  problem. If you need anything just ask." "I will." I stopped hugging him and  looked around my room. "Now Marissa, I'm expecting a fashion show." "You're  kidding me. I'm not a model. I'll embarrass myself." "No your not, if you mess  up your beautiful face will make up for it. Now..." Harry got up and picked out  a dress and heels,"Put this on and come downstairs." "No Harry!" "Just do it!  Come downstairs and strut your stuff." I blushed, "Fine. I'll be down." Harry  gave me the dress and heels and walked out of my room. I got changed and boy did  this dress show off my  curves! I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn't  recognize myself. The dress was kind of short, it was a body-con dress, and it  was red. The heels were very high, higher then what I'm used to. I walked out of  my room and attempted to go downstairs, but the heels were too high."I have a  dilemma, I can't walk down the stairs with these heels on. Can you guys come in  my room?" I shouted downstairs. "Sure! We'll be right up!" Harry shouted back. I  walked into my closet so that I would surprise the boys. I heard them walk in.  "Guys, just sit on my bed." I said from my closet. "Ok, we're ready!" I heard  Louis shout. Hearing his voice made me blush. I waited for my cheeks to return  to their normal color and walked out of my closet. "Wow..." I heard them all  say. "You're beautiful!" Louis shouted. I blushed and looked down. "Guys, it's  obvious that Marissa doesn't know she's beautiful." Zayn said. "But when you  smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell," Harry began singing. "You don't know  you're beautiful!" They all finished singing. I picked my head up and smiled. I  couldn't look right in Louis' beautiful green eyes, but I felt him looking deep  into my dark brown ones.
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