This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


7. Understood


"Louis, what's that smell?" I woke up giggling and i opened my eyes.  I turned  around to face Louis but he wasn't there. I was still depressed about my  boyfriend and my mom. I got up and brushed my teeth. I could really care less  about my hair in the morning. I walked lazily down the stairs and into the  kitchen. I saw Louis standing by the stove and I sat down on the stool. "Good  morning love!" Louis came over to me and gave me a hug. "Morning" I whined out.  "Listen to me Marrissa," he began, "everything's going to be ok...ok?" Louis  gave me another squeeze. I nodded my head and looked into his sharp blue-green  eyes. He returned to the stove. "Here you go" Louis up down a plate of French  toast and bacon in front of me. "Thats my favorite! How did you know?" I put a  big smile on my face. "I guessed." I started eating my breakfast. "So, what do  you want to do today?" Louis asked. "Today just feels like a movie day to me"  "Ok, so what do you want to watch?" "How about comedies? I need a good laugh"  "Sounds good to me." We finished our breakfast and I helped Louis wash the  dishes. "Where's Harry? I didn't see him." I asked Louis drying the plates.  "He's probably passed out on the floor of some club in town" "You're probably  right. I hope he didn't pick up ANOTHER blonde. I mean, Harry has some game."  "Well he is only in a band with a lot of money and is good looking" "That's today it'll just be me and you?" "Yeah, until Harry decides to stumble  in the door." We finished washing the dishes and I got dressed in a t-shirt and  sweatpants. I didn't bother with putting on makeup and I just put my hair into a  bun. And I wasn't going to wear my uncomfortable contacts so I just wore my  glasses. I went downstairs. Louis just stayed in his pjs. "So what's the first  movie that we're watching?" "As Good As It Gets" "That's the one with the gay  guy, isn't it?" I said sarcastically. "Yup" Louis put in the movie. About half  way through I went to make popcorn, Louis scarfs it down. During the movie we  had a good laugh and we made a couple of inside jokes. We moved onto the next  movie which was a romantic comedy. I put my head on Louis' chest. I heard his  heart beat and it made me feel warm and safe inside. This movie was also funny  but half way through it Louis paused it. "Why'd you pause it?" I looked up at  Louis. "Marrissa, I know that you've been through a lot in your life. I know  that you are still in love with your passed boyfriend and I know that you are  still trying to recover from the pain that your mother left you." I sat up and  looked at Louis. "I just want you to know that it you need someone to talk to or  someone to relate with, I'm here. I finally feel like I have that person to talk  to. Eleanor never truly made me feel welcome and loves like you do. To get to  the point, I love you. And I'm definitely falling hard for you. Marrissa, I love  you." I smiled. "You love me?" "Yes, I do" I just stared deep into Louis' eyes.  "I love you too, my lovelie." Louis picked up my chin and drew me in closer to  him for a kiss. Whenever we kissed, I felt sparks fly. It always felt like  forever in that moment of bliss. All of a sudden I didn't feel his lips there  anymore. "Babe, why did you stop? Did I bite you?" I asked opening my eyes to  see Harry in the hall staring at us. "Was I interrupting something?" Harry  asked. Louis stumbled for the tv remote. "No, we were just watching a movie" I  rolled my eyes and put my head back on Louis' chest. Harry left only to return  again to watch our last movie with us. Harry just welcomed himself and sat next  to me. Me and Louis looked at him and he was just sitting there smiling back at  us. Louis out in the last movie that was also a romantic comedy. I sat up  instead of laying down to avoid the awkwardness with Harry. We were also having  a good time watching this movie. Out of nowhere, Harry took my chin and turned  my head towards his and kissed me. I pulled way imeadiatly and slapped him  across the face. "What was that for?!?!" I was furious. "I don't know...I felt  the urge" he answered. I slapped him across the face again. "You're such a  pervert Harry! Do you know how wrong that is?" Louis yelled. "I'm your cousin,  not some whore you met at a club!" I screamed. "I'm sorry. I....I....I didn't  mean to. I couldn't controll myself" "Sorry my ass! I can't believe you just did  that! First of all you're my cousin, second of all I kinda have a thing going on  with Louis over here, and third of all I hope you're drunk cause you're not, you  have a whole lot of problems and you should probably go to a therapist." "Let me  smell your breath" Louis said moving over towards Harry. Louis smelled his  breath. "Yup, he's wasted." "I'm sorry, Marrissa. Forgive me, please." I got up  and went to my room when Louis followed after me. "He has problems" Louis said  sitting next to me on my bed. "Definitley. I can't believe he did that, even if  he is drunk." "That's just forget about that for now. I believe we were in the  middle of something." Louis said biting his lip. "I think I remember" I gave  Louis a kiss and we cuddled on my bed talking about how we feel about each  other. 
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