This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


4. Sass Masta


"What?" I said looking down again. "You're gorgeous." Louis said getting off of  my bed. "Yeah right." I said in disbelief. "Why is it so hard for you to see  that you're beautiful?" "Look at me! I'm fat!" I said with tears starting to  form in my eyes. "Look babe," Louis said turning me around to face the mirror,  "you're beautiful. I don't like sticks, I'd rather have a woman with curves. And  you definitely have curves, you're not fat." Louis said looking into my eyes  through the mirror. I just shook my head 'no' and locked myself in my closet. I  heard the boys mumbling something from behind the door. "You guys don't  understand. You're told that you're hot or sexy everyday. Do you know the last  time somebody called me beautiful and I actually believed them?!?!" I started  crying and left them to think. I heard a door close. I took my heels off and sat  on the floor crying my eyes out. Then I heard another door open and then close.  I looked up from my hands. "Louis? How'd you get in here?" "Harry told me that  there was a door from the bathroom." Louis sat next to me and hugged me. "Why  are you here? To tell me that I'm beautiful? If you are, you're just wasting  your time." I said with an attitude. "No. I just want to know why you think that  you're-" Louis said moving in front of me. "Ugly? First of all, I'm frickin'  fat. I have ugly curly hair. Let's see, my face is too round, I have a weird  nose and I have a small butt." I said that last part laughing a little bit,  "you're bum is bigger than mine." We both laughed. "Oh yeah, and I'm tall."  "Well your not fat at all, you have curves and I like that. I wish that I had  curly hair and you look better with it than Harry. That look is hard to pull  off. You have a perfect face, everything about it is perfect. And you only think  that your bum is small because a have a huge one. You're not ugly at all.  Marissa, your beautiful, gorgeous." Louis was so nice to me, could he actually  like me? No other boys ever liked me, why would such a heart throb like Louis  like me? A normal girl from New York? What was so special about me? I smiled.  "Why do you like me?" I didn't mean to say that out loud! My cheeks turned red.  I looked around hoping that Louis didn't hear me. "First of all, you're super  pretty, you seem to have a sense of humor, and you're really nice. Now, do you  like carrots and Lamborghinis?" I looked into his eyes, smiled, laughed,  blushed, and said, "of course!" I playfully hit his arm. "Then you're right for  me." Louis took my hand. Was Louis Tomlinson seriously holding my hand?!? I  started to shake. "Oh, I forgot! I have to Skype my friends. I promised to do it  when I got here. I totally forgot!" I got up, unlocked the door, and went to my  suit cases to look for my laptop. Where is it? I couldn't find it.  "Seriously?!?!"I yelled not touching how loud I was. "What is it?" Louis asked.  "I cant find my laptop. Can I borrow yours?" "Sure. Come with me." I followed  Louis into his room. It was a mess there was clothes all over the floor. "You  sure like stripes." There were stripes on his walls and pictures of him and  Eleanor. There was one picture where they were kissing. I felt my heart drop, it  reminded me and my old boyfriend, Xander. I cleared my throat to stop myself  from crying. "So, when did you and um.....Eleanor break up?" I asked looking  around. "Last week. I'm still kinda upset about it but she just wasn't the one  for me. She had more to her story than what I knew." I didn't want to ask what  happened. "Oh" Louis handed me his laptop. "Here you go." "Thanks, I'll bring it  right back." "Actually, when you're done bring it downstairs and meet me in the  living room; I want to show you something." "Oh, ok." I smiled at him and left.  I went into my room and logged into Skype. I saw that all three of my friends,  Sam, Julia, and Amber, were online. I pressed video chat on all of their  profiles. "Hey girl!" Julia said. "What's up?" Sam said. "How was the trip? I  miss you!" Amber said. "Hey guys! I miss you guys already! I had a good flight  and Harry's house is amazayn!" "I see what you did there." Jules said. "So how  is it living with Harry and his family?" Amber asked. "Well, actually, you  see...I'm actually just living with Harry. Not his family. And guess what,  guys!!!!" "Don't tell me Louis lives there too!" Sam said. "He does!!!" We all  screamed at the same time. "Does he seem to like you? It would be awesome if you  guys dated, became boyfriend and girlfriend, got married, had kid-" Julia yelled  in excitement. "Shh...he'll hear you. His room is right across from mine." "So,  does he like you?" Sam asked impatiently. "It's still kinda hard to tell, I  guess so." "Marissa, don't be indenial. He must like you, I can see you  blushing. You guys would be so cute together." "Thanks. Do you guys want to see  my room and the house and possibly say hi to the guys?" "Oh my God, yes!!!!"  they all screamed. "Ok. Well this is my room" I picked up Louis' laptop and  showed them around my room. Next I went down the hall and showed them where  Louis and Harry's bedrooms were. Then I went downstairs. I stopped in the  kitchen. "Guys, I'll be right back. I'm going to ask the guys if they want to  say hi to you." "Kk" Jules said. I walked into the living room where only Harry  and Louis were. "Where are the other guys?" "They went home after your fashion  show" Harry said. "Oh, well you guys I'm on Skype with my three friends Julia,  Sam, and Amber. Do you think you could say hi to them?" "Sure" Harry said. Louis  said, "No problem babe." I loved it when he called me babe. "Ok then, I'll be  right back." I got the laptop from the kitchen and walked into the living room,  "Sam, Jules, Amber two special guys want to say hi." I sat between Louis and  Harry with the laptop. "Oh my gosh! Hey guys I love you so much! I'm Sam!" Sam  yelled. "Oh my God, Louis I love you! I'm Julia, by the way" Jules screamed on  the top of her lungs. Amber played it cool trying to get Harry to like her, "Hey  Harry. How's everything going? I'm Amber." "Hi Amber. That's a lovely name. Hi  Sam and Julia." Harry said. "What's up? I love you too Jules." Louis blew Julia  a kiss. It looked like she was going to faint. "Jules, stay with me! Don't  faint!" I yelled to her. "Amber, what's your number?" Harry asked. Me and Louis  looked at each other smiling. "What?" Amber asked. "What's your phone number?  You know, so I can text you and call you" Harry said. "What?" Amber asked again  confused. "Just give the boy your number Amber!" I yelled to her. Amber finally  gave Harry her number. "Hey, what about us?" Jules asked. "Jules, Sam. You guys  know my number and I have connections to them." I placed my hands on Louis and  Harry's legs. "You definitely got me babe" Louis said leaning in closer to me.  He made me blush. "Isn't she cute when she blushes?" Louis said. I slid my hand  up Louis' leg and slapped his balls. "Isn't he cute when he's in pain?" I said.  The girls and Harry starred laughing. "What was that for?" "That was a really  bad pick up line and I hate it when I blush." Louis' face was priceless.  "Aw...and isn't Harry's face cute when he laughs?" I said. "You guys are gonna  have to visit soon, I miss you." Jules said, "I would but it's too expensive. I  don't have that kind of money." "Yeah" said Sam. Amber agreed also. "If you guys  come up with a date that's good for all of us, I'll pay for your trip." Harry  said. "Me too" Louis said recovering. "Oh my gosh! Seriously?" Sam asked. I had  the biggest smile on my face. "You would even pay for our hotel?" Amber asked.  "Dude, there's no need for a hotel. You guys can stay here. If its alright with  you guys." "I don't care" Harry said. "Sure" Louis said. "Can we decide on a  date on Friday?" Amber asked. "That's my birthday. How about Saturday?" I said.  "That's good. I'll talk to you then. Love ya." Amber said. "Love ya too. Bye!"  The boys waved 'bye'. Amber left the chat. "I'll be texting you. Bye girl!"  Jules said. "Ok, bu-bye!" Julia signed off. "Sam, don't cry. You're gonna make  me cry, and  believe me I've cried enough today. I'll be talking to you, ok? I  know it's hard with me not being there." "Ok...I miss you. I'll talk to you on  Saturday. Love you." "Love you too." I blew her a kiss through the camera. We  both left the chat. "You and your friends are pretty close" Louis said. "Yeah,  we've been friends since like kindergarten." "You really love them" Harry said.  "They're like my sisters that I never had. I love them like family...they're my  only family. You know, besides you." "Oh, here Louis" I handed him his laptop.  "I want to show you something." "Oh, ok." "Harry, can you please go and fix  dinner?" Louis asked. "That's ok, he can stay." I said. "No, I want to be with  you. Only you." Harry got up and left. "Haha, that's funny because you know,  it's a lyric in Gotta Be You." I said that awkwardly because I knew that I  sounded like a fan rather than a friend. "It is. I didn't mean to do that."  Louis opened the Internet and logged into twitter. "Oh God, please no." I said  embarrassed. "Look at all of these tweets to me." I put my head in my hands. He  read some of them  out loud to me: "Louis, I love you so much! It would mean the  world to me if you followed me. You're my idol!" and "All praise Louis William  Tomlinson the sex god. Jesus take the wheel!" and "I love your angel voice, I  listen to it whenever I feel down. My mom is anorexic and your voice seems to  rescue me from all of the emotional pain. Thanks for being there :')"  "Louis,  please stop. I don't know what I was thinking. It didn't think you would  actually read them." I said looking at Louis. "They're funny. They made my day"  he said. "Looking back at them, I'm embarrassed." "Is that thing about your mom  being anorexic true or was it just a way to get my attention?" "It's true" I  said in a soft voice. "Then why are you here? Why aren't you with your mom back  in New York?" "She was starving herself for a while. And a month or so ago, she  died. I felt like I let her down. Like I was a failure, like I was a bad person.  And my dad left us too. I have no siblings or aunts or uncles on my mom's side  to take care of me. So I asked my friend, Sam, and her parents if I could live  with them. After about a month of living with them, I got an e-mail from Harry's  mom saying that I'm Harry's second cousin. So, I started saving money to fly  here. And now I'm broke. And I'm here with you, now." "Wow, I'm sorry for your  loss" Louis said. He closed his laptop. Now I was in a sour mood and depressed.  Louis put his arm around me to cuddle but I scooted away from him. "But, do you  still think I'm a sex god? Cause I mean, look at me." I smiled and giggled,  "Yeah, I think you're still pretty damn sexy." I saw Louis blush, that's the  first time I've ever seen a guy do that. "Guys, the fajitas are done!" Harry  yelled from the kitchen. "Ok, we'll be right there!" I yelled back. I got up and  started walking to the kitchen. All of a sudden I felt arms grab my waist,  "Louis!" He picked me up and put me over his shoulder. "Put me down!" I said.  "No, I like the view." "Stop staring at my bum!" "No thanks." We got into the  kitchen, "Special delivery!" Louis shouted while putting me down. "Thanks" I  said. He looked at Harry and said, "Be careful, she's fragile." "Shut up, I'm  not fragile!" I said punching his arm. He grabbed his arm. "Sorry, I didn't mean  to hurt you. I thought you were tougher than that." I said with sass. "You just  got sassed. You better watch your back Louis. Someone's going after your spot  for sass queen." Harry said sitting down. I smiled at Louis and sat down. "I  don't think that will be possible. I already have that title mastered." Louis  said. We all ate our fajitas. "I think that as a special treat of Lisa's  arrival, we should go out for ice cream!" Harry said. "We'll get mobbed!" Louis  said. "Call Paul! I want to go out for ice cream!" I said excited. "You can't  say  no now Louis." Harry said. "Fine, I'll call Paul." "Yay, you guys are the  best! I need to get changed though, it's cold out." I ran up stairs and got  dressed in a cute outfit from my new wardrobe. I got dressed in mint green jeans  with a white sweater-shirt and I wore tan heels. I let my curly hair down and a  put a mint green bow hair clip in my hair. I grabbed my purse that I brought  with me and I went down stairs. "Cute outfit." Louis said. "Thank you. I heard  that someone by the name Louis Tomlinson picked these items out. He has very  good taste." "Yes, he sure does" Harry said. "What did Paul say?" I asked. "He  said that he would meet us there." "Ok, are we ready to go?" "I think we are.  Harry are we taking your Rover or mine?" "We'll take mine." Harry said.  "Marissa, may I?" Louis asked holding out his arm. "Well of course you may." I  took his arm.In the car, I sat in the front with Harry. He joked, "You got in on  the right side!" "Yeah, I'm very proud of myself" I said. We got on the road and  Louis started humming "Valerie". Harry looked at me and I looked back at him. I  started humming along with Louis. "Your a fan of Valerie?" Louis asked in the  cutest voice ever. "I love it! And you definitely do the best cover of it."  "Thanks, love. Do you want me and Harry to sing it?" "Really? Please do!" Louis  started singing and my heart sped up. Then Harry joined in and I couldn't  help  myself, once they were done singing I screamed. "Sorry, directioner reflex. I'm  still not used to being around you guys, and I don't think I fully ever will."  "Its alright" said Harry. "It's ok babe" Louis said stroking my arm from the  back seat, I got goosebumps. His hands were so smooth and soft. When we got  there, there was a small crowd of girls around the ice cream shop. And Paul was  waiting by the sidewalk. Harry parked the car. Him and Louis got out at the same  time, Louis opened my door for me. I took his hand and went into the shop with  Harry and Paul behind us. "What do you want Marissa?" Harry asked. "Just a soft  serve vanilla cone." "Are you sure? You can get anything you want" Louis said.  "Yeah, I'm sure." "Ok then." Harry said. Harry ordered for me and for himself.  Louis ordered for himself also. We got our ice cream and got back in the car.
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