This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


5. Perfect


"Harry, bring us to the park" Louis said. "Why? Don't you need Paul or  something?" I asked. "No, and he doesn't have to know. Harry just drive like  you're going home and then turn towards the park." "Um, ok. Do you want me to  pick you guys up afterwards?" Harry asked. "No, we'll catch us a driver." "Ok"  Harry responded. He drove as if he was driving back home, but then made a sudden  turn onto a narrow and hidden street. "Here you go. Have fun you two lovebirds"  Harry said stopping. "Thanks curly" I gave Harry a hug. I got out and so did  Louis. Harry drove away. Louis took my hand. "What are we going to do at 12  midnight?" I asked looking into Louis' magnificent blue-green eyes. "Whatever we  want to" Louis started swinging my arm back and forth and started skipping. I  giggled and did the same. We both still had our ice cream in our hands. "Louis,  you're gonna make me drop my ice cream." "Sorry, babe" we stopped and sat down  on a park bench. "Look at the moon, it's beautiful. It looks like a full moon" I  said pointing to the night sky. "It is beautiful, but my bum is much bigger." We  both laughed. Harry ordered a large cone for me and it was HUGE! I didn't think  I could eat it all. Louis already ate his. We got up and started walking again  and this time, Louis had his arm around my waist. "Where to next, my lovely?" I  said in a horrible British accent. "I know where, the London Eye! The view is  absolutely magnificent at night!" Louis said with excitement. "Ok. Do you think  we can get our own pod, or whatever?" "Babe, do you know who I am?" I shook my  head 'yes' and giggled. Louis kept cracking jokes on the walk there. I also ate  half of my ice cream, finally! When we got there, Louis asked for our own pod.  Of course the operator said 'yes'.  Me and Louis walked onto the London Eye.  "Are you afraid of heights?" He asked. "No" I answered. I looked out at all of  the lights while we were going up, our pod stopped at the very top. "Wow, this  is beautiful." I said. "Yes, it is. Now, are you going to finish that?" Louis  asked pointing to my ice cream. "Probably not. You can have it" I gave my ice  cream to Louis. "Thanks love." He took it and rubbed it on my cheeks,nose, and  lips. "Louis! Now I'm going to have a sticky face! Do you have a tissue?" "No,  but I do have this" Louis leaned in to me and kissed me!! On the lips!!! I put  my arms around his neck and kissed him back with passion. He kept kissing me but  I stopped it by looking at his lips and smiling. "Now, what about my cheeks and   nose?" I said seductively. "I didn't forget." He started kissing my cheeks and  my nose. He gave me one last kiss on my lips. "Wow" I said looking deep into his  eyes. He smiled, put his arm around my waist and said," Like you were saying,  that is a beautiful view." We stood there looking out across the river and the  wheel went down for us to get off. When we got off there was another small crowd  of girls waiting. Louis didn't know what to do with what was left of my ice  cream so he gave it to one of the girls and said, "Enjoy!" Then he took my hand  and started running. We turned down a little alley and Louis called Harry.  "Harry, I need you to pick us up. I can't get a driver. There are too many fans  out here." "Ok...I'll be right there. Meet me at that same street." "Ok." "Love  you, bye." "Love you too, bye." "You guys say that you love each other on the  phone?" I asked. "Yeah, we're like brothers. Now come on. We have to go back to  that street." "Ok..." Louis took my hand again and we ran to the same street  where Harry dropped us off. When we got there we say Harry waiting. We hopped  in, I sat in the back with Louis. "Well, that was fast." I said to Harry. "Well  I drove fast when I heard that there were a lot of fans. And, we don't live that  far away." "Oh" I said in reply. "Thanks for picking us up mate." Louis said.  Harry shook his head, "anytime." Harry drove away, "So, what did you guys do?" I  put a huge smile on and so did Louis. I put my hand on his leg and said, "We  went for a nice stroll in the park and we went to the London Eye. The view was  absolutely beautiful!" We hit sudden traffic from a car accident. "It was  beautiful. We had fun" Louis looked at me and smiled. "I guys had  'fun'." Harry said in a creepy voice. "No Harry, not that kind of fun! You're  such a pervert!" I yelled blushing. "Then what kind of fun?" he asked. "We  shared our first kiss" Louis said looking at me. "Aw...what type of kiss was  it?" Harry asked being curious. "Well...if you must was the best kiss  of my life! It was slow, passionate, and sweet, literally. It was also my first  kiss, ever." I said to Harry. "That was the best kiss ever. And if I might say  so myself, I was very clever in my strategy." "You were very clever" I said.  "What did he do?" Harry asked. "Now that is classified information" I said to  keep Harry guessing. The traffic cleared up and we got home.
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