This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


2. Home Sweet Home


 "Um...hi. You're Marissa, right?" I  swore that I felt my heart stop. "....Uhh......yeah." It felt like nobody else  was there in that moment. Just me and Harry. I snapped out of it when he grabbed  my hand and started pushing through the crowd. When we were at the doors and   got through the crowd, Harry started running to his Land Rover with his hand  still in mine. "Get in, I'll get your bags." I just nodded and got in the car,  but I got in on the wrong side. I forgot that the steering wheel was on the  other side in England. I quickly got out hoping that Harry wouldnt see me and  ran to the other side. But with my luck, he saw me and I was embarrassed."I  forgot to tell you to go on the other side." "It's fine" I got in on the other  side and started thinking of what to say to Harry. I started panicking and  looked out the window. I heard the other door open and then close. I just kept  staring out the window praying that he wouldn't say anything. Because I knew  that I opened my mouth to talk to him I would stutter or say something stupid  and uncontrollably fangirl. We started moving. "So, what state are to from  again?" I faced forwards quickly and said, "New York" in a soft voice. I  couldn't look at him or else I would blush. It would be weird for me to blush at  my cousin. "Oh...what happened that you have to move in with us? Not that I'm  complaining....." I cleared my voice trying not to cry and looked down. "Well  you dad left my mom because he said that she was fat and crap like  that. I tried to tell my mom that she wasn't fat because she wasn't, but she  didn't believe me." I started crying hysterically. I felt Harry's hand on my  back and I looked at him. "So, she started starving herself and I tried to make  sure she ate. But I failed! She got anorexia..." Harry pulled over. "'s  ok. I'm sorry for asking" he said hugging me. "It's ok.....She was anorexic and  after starving herself for a while. I lost her. I didn't care if she looked like  a frickin' elephant or a walking skeleton. I would still love her. I DONT GET  WHY SHE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND!!! I FAILED!" I raised my voice getting angry at  myself. Harry pulled away from me and said, "I'm sorry Marissa. And you're not a  failure, look at where you are right now. Your mom is in a better place now and  I'm sure that she still loves you." He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I  picked my head up and wiped away my tears. Harry put on the radio and got back  on the road. I tried to think positively like how I was going to be able to meet  my favorite band in the world and how my cousin is the Harry Styles. On the  radio, What Makes You Beautiful came on and Harry sang along. I didn't sing  knowing that my voice would sound like a dying walrus compared to his. During  his solo I looked at him and I blushed. I just couldn't handle how his lips  formed while he sang or just how beautiful his face is. After the song I started  humming Valerie, my favorite Louis Tomlinson cover. "You like Valerie, huh?"  Harry asked. "Yeah, I love it!" "I know someone who loves that song too-" "I  know, Louis!" I  cut him off and screamed. "Sorry." I apologized. "  like Louis?" I blushed, "yeah." "You guys should get together. You would make a  cute couple." I smiled and blushed again, "but isn't he dating Eleanor?" "They  just called it off, they got into a big argument." " Louis ok?" "Well,  he's been a bit snappy. I think he needs someone. That person could be you." He  elbowed me playfully. I had a feeling that Harry would be a good housemate and a  good cousin. "I wish..." "Hey, you never know." I smiled again. We got to  Harry's flat and it was huge! "Wow. This is where I'll be living for the rest of  my life?" "Well, until you move in with Louis." "Shut up." We got out of the car  and Harry got my bags. We walked up to the door and he opened it. I took one  step inside and was amazed. "This place is beautiful!" "Thanks." Harry put my  bags by the stairs. "Come here." He took my hand and took me on a tour of the  first floor of the house. Lastly was the kitchen, "Surprise!" I heard. The boys  popped up from behind the counter. I couldn't breathe and my heart sped up.  "Marissa, are you ok?" I heard Harry say in a faint voice. Everything suddenly  got blurry and I started to fall backwards.
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