This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


1. Frozen


It's been a year since my mother died from anorexia and my father left us. I've  been staying with  my best friend in New York until I got the money to fly to  England to live with my second cousin, Harry. I'm a big 1D fan and I never knew  that I was related to one of the boys, it was my wildest dream. I just found  about this about 9 months ago and I'm still pumped! Ever since the day my mother  died, I cried myself to sleep. "Marrissa, are you ok?" Sam said walking into my  room. "I'm fine, just let me pack my stuff, ok?" I said wiping my years away.  "Ok, good night." Sam left and closed my door. I was leaving for England  tomorrow. I started thinking about my friends that I would be leaving behind. I  finished packing and cried myself to sleep. *beep* *beep* *beep* I woke up and  saw that it was 2 AM so I got up and got dressed. I grabbed my bags and went  downstairs where Sam and her parents were waiting. "I'm going to miss you guys"  I said  crying and hugging them. "We're going to miss you too. We'll pay you a  couple of visits" her parents said hugging me. "Yeah, bye" her brother said  running up stairs. Sam was just standing there  crying. "What am I going to do  without my sister?" Sam choked out. "I promise I'll Skype you once I get there."  "I'm going to miss you" "I'll miss you too" I hugged her tightly, grabbed my  bags, and walked through the door. I walked over to the cab that was waiting for  me and I waved goodbye to my only family. I got to the airport and got my  tickets. I sat at the boarding gate waiting for my plane to arrive. "Oh my God!  Are you, like, Harry Styles' cousin?!?!" I heard two teenage girls scream in  front of me. I tried to keep my cool. "Um, yeah. But I'm actually his second  cou-" "Can we get a picture with you?!?" "Sure, totally" I got up and put my  best smile on. "Thanks!!" "No problem." The two girls left. By the time my plane  arrived, about 15 other girls asked for my picture. I wonder how everybody found  out about me. On the plane I read a book and thought about how I should  introduce myself to Harry. I wonder if he even knows what I look like. What if  he doesn't like me? I tried to clear those types of thoughts out of my head.  Instead I just thought about how I was going to design my room. We landed and I  felt my heart speed up and I took a deep breath. When I got off the plane I  heard,"Oh my gosh!! It's Harry Styles' cousin!!!" Lights started flashing. I  heard a bunch of screams and security guards trying to get everyone back. I  could barely see with all of the flashing cameras. I just looked down at the  floor and found my way to a bench. I sat there waiting for Harry's mom when I  got a text from her, "Hi Marrissa. I can't manage to pick you up, I'm out  shopping. Harry will pick you up, I told him to call you once he got there. Love  Anne-aunt" I read that in my head with a British accent, I made myself laugh.  This is going to be awkward with Harry picking me up, this is just great :/ I  then heard my phone ring and it was a blocked number, it had to be Harry.  "Hello, Harry?" I asked. " Marrissa. I'm here....where are you?"  "I'm by all of the screaming girls. I'm wearing a white blouse with a red  jeans." "Ok...I'll try to find you.....why don't you try to find me? It'll work  out better" "Ok. See you, bye." "......Bye." Then I heard "Oh my gosh, it's  Harry Styles!!!!" That was my que. I stood up and tried to find my way through  all the girls and flashing cameras. I looked to both sides of me trying to find  Harry. I started walking faster still looking around through the crowd. Then I  was stopped abruptly by a tall and well-built boy. I looked up and saw those  trade-mark emerald green eyes. I froze.
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