This is about a girl named Marrissa that has to live with her second cousin...... Harry Styles. She had to move because her mother died from anorexia and her father left. She then falls in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis has recently broken up with Eleanor and has been keeping a secret from Marrissa.


8. Closer, Closer......Gone


In the morning I did my usual routine, I brushed my teeth and left my hair the  way it was. I went across the hall and knocked on Louis' door. "Come in!" I  heard him yell from behind the door. I walked in and saw Louis sitting on his  bed with his hair all tussled and messy. "Good morning babe!" He ran over to me,  picked me up, spun me around, and gave me a kiss. "Morning" I kissed him back.  "Do you feel like going out for breakfast this morning?" "Sure. Where are you  taking me?" "It's a surprise" I looked at him and his eyes were twinkling. I  blushed. "Ok" I walked across the hall to my room. I got dressed in a cute red  lace high-low top with a pair of shorts and white  converse. I put my hair in a  pony tail and went light on the makeup. I finished getting dressed so I grabbed  my sunglasses and my phone and I met Louis downstairs. "That's a cute shirt"  Louis said in the gayist voice ever. "Louis, honey, your gay is showing" I gave  him a kiss. "Ok, are you ready to go?" He asked. "Yeah." We were on our way out  of the door when I hear a deep voice ask, "Where are you two going?" I turned  around and saw Harry walking down the stairs. "Oh, Louis' just taking me out to  breakfast." "Ok" he yawned and started walking back up the stairs. In the car me  and Louis sang along to the radio, but of course my voice didn't compare to his.  We parked in front of a Starbucks. "You know I've never had Starbucks before?"  "Really?!? You're gonna love it" Louis got out an so did I. He took my hand and  we went in and there were a couple of girls taking pictures of us with their  phones. Louis ordered some type of frozen drink for me.he took me back out to  the car. "Why didn't we stay?" "I know a better place" he pulled away from  Starbucks. I tried my drink, "this is really good!" "I told you that you would  love it." Louis then parked near a park. He got out and opened my door for me. I  got out. "I thought it would be nice for us to take a stroll" Louis put his arm  around my waist. We started walking but Louis seemed paranoid. "Are you ok?" I  asked him. "Yeah, I'm fine" we continued walking. After a hour, we headed back  to the car. We got home and I texted Sam, Amber, and Julia and Louis played a  video game with Harry. Then the doorbell rang and Harry got up to see who it  was. He opened the door and said, "Hi Eleanor. Louis!!" I saw Harry back up and  Eleanor walked in with two boxes in her hands. She looked right at me, I didn't  know what to do. All of a sudden my stomach started turning and my heart started  hurting. My body filled with anger for some reason. I got up and walked over to  her. "Hi, I'm Marrissa." She put the boxes down and I heard Louis coming down  the hall. I held out my hand for her to shake. She just looked at my hand and  then at Louis who was standing behind me. I lowered my hand. "Who is this?"  Eleanor said to Louis. "This is Marrissa." "She's my cousin that moved here from  New York." Harry said then he left. "That explains it" Eleanor said. "Explains  what" I said with anger building up in my body. "Your hair, your clothes, your  face-" "Whoa! What's that supposed to mean??" I said  clenching my fist by my  side. "Don't even go there Eleanor. Why are you here anyway?" Louis asked  patting my back. I looked at Eleanor with disgust. Why did Louis fall in love  with her? "I came here to return your stuff that you left at my place." "Wait,  you guys lived together?!?!" I yelled. "Yes, for a little bit. But there's  nothing to worry about love, your all I need" Louis gave me a kiss. I opened my  eye and saw Eleanor's face fill with anger. I broke up the kiss by smiling and  looking at Eleanor while still smiling. "You guys are together?" Eleanor yelled.  "Yup, whatcha gonna do about it biotch??" I yelled back. She came at me and  started pulling my hair. I punched her back and we continued fighting.  Eventually Louis broke us up. All I had was a bruise on my cheek and my hair was  now a mess. Eleanor had bruises and her nose was bleeding. "You made my nose  bleed!" "It's ok, you need a nose job anyway." Louis laughed. "Well there's  something that Louis didn't tell you!" "And what's that?" I looked at him.  Eleanor then walked over to Louis and put her hand on his shoulder. "Louis, do  you something to tell me?" He shook his head 'no'. I looked at Eleanor. "I'm  pregnant." "What?!?! Please tell me that's not true Louis!!" I started crying.  Louis shook his head again. "I can't believe you!! After all that I told you  about me and my problems you didn't think to tell me about how you got HER  pregnant?!?! HOW COULD YOU?!?!" Eleanor smiled and I was drowning in my tears. I  went over to Eleanor and pushed her down. "You bitch!" I said. Then I went to  Louis and started  crying more and I saw that he started  crying too. "You, you,  I trusted you. but obviously, you don't trust me with your secrets. I can't  believe you didn't tell me." Louis started saying something but I pushed him out  of my way and I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room. I heard the door  downstairs close. Then I heard knocking on my door. I just ignored it.  "Marrissa! I meant to tell you! I'm sorry..." I heard Louis starting to cry but  I didn't care. I packed my bags and opened my door to see Louis on the floor  crying. I just walked past him and went downstairs. I heard him coming after me.  I started opening the door when he said, "I'm sorry! You can't leave, I love  you! I didn't mean to hurt you." "Well you did! you messed up Louis! How could  you do that to me?!?! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LOUIS THAT I COULD TRUST? Obviously  he's not here anymore so I'm leaving." Then he started singing his part in  "Moments" which made me cry harder  but I just walked out and slammed the door  behind me. I left him there crying, over me.
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