That's what makes you Beautiful

When Jennifer moves to London, she is terrified. She is used to the country life, the only thing waking you up in the morning is the chirping of birds, and the only thing keeping you awake at night is the sound of the owls hooting. Now, all she can hear is constant noise, loud music, car horns, sirens. She hates it. But will her opinion change when she meets the boy of her dreams?


1. The journey.

Jennifer's P.O.V

I was bored all ready. We'd been in the car for all of about two hours and my sister was already arguing with my parents and doing my head in. I missed all my old friends, my house, and my pets that I'd had to sell. All because of my dad's stupid new job that required him to upstakes and shift us all out of the cosy house we had in the countryside of Scotland. I was so annoyed when my dad told us we had to move. Yes, he was getting payed three times the amount he was in his last job, but I could already tell I was going to hate London. I had never really been good at making friends or fitting in. Although I lived in the country, everyone at school was still quite glamorous, with glossy hair that sat perfectly, makeup done spot on, and flawless skin. Then there was me. Messy hair that I always wore up in a bun, spots on my face and I didn't wear makeup. There was this one girl in school who was just like me, in the same year. We got on well and eventually we became good friends. I had always lived in the country, even though I had lived in the other end of Scotland. I've always been self conscious and I worry a lot about what people think of me. I wish I wasn't like that, but I couldn't help it. The thought of moving somewhere that the people would have a different accent, and live completely differently to what I was used to made me feel sick, but i guess I was just going to have to get used to it, because I had no choice. The thing that upset me the most about moving was the fact that I'd had to sell my horse, Lenny, who I'd been told I could reach Olympic level eventing on him if I put my mind to it, by the one and only Pippa Funnell, when I'd won a competition on the radio to get a free lesson with her. My dad had promised me a brand new horse down in London, but I didn't want another one. I only wanted Lenny. I'd also had to give away my hamster Rocky, who I loved to bits, and my rabbit Tigger to my best friend Kate, who I knew would look after them well, but didn't make me miss them any less.

I couldn't stop thinking about all the things I would miss from Scotland as we drove along the road with some super cheesy music on that my sister insisted on listening to the whole 9 hour journey. I tried to block it out and get some sleep, but as soon as I was out, my dad woke me up, rather abruptly I must admit, to tell me we were at a service station and we were going to get dinner. 'Good' I thought, 'I'm starving!'

It took us ages to decide where to go to eat, but we finally settled on KFC and a coffe from a small Starbucks cafe that were reasonably quiet. I've never really liked crowds, thats one of the reasons Im sure I wont like London, because it's so busy, all the time.

After what seemed like a day and a half of driving, we eventually got to our house. I've got to say, it looked pretty magnificent from the outside, and I couldn't wait to get in and have a look around. It was in a really posh complex, where the houses were quite spread out, and huge. I was pretty sure there must be some famous people around here somewhere? The complex was really secure, with voice activated gates so there wouldn't be any unwanted guests, and it was quite out the heart of the city, so I guess I could get used to it after all. London wasnt really much like I expected it to be. It was much quieter. I quite liked what I'd seen so far! It wasnt too bad!

We raced inside and Anna (my sister) and I ran upstairs to decide which bedroom we wanted. She called shotgun on the biggest one before I had seen it. Not that I minded, because I like the idea of a smaller room, as long as its not tiny, I could make it feel quite homely. The walls on the room I had chosen were plain white with an oak wood floor. It made the room look bigger that it was but I didn't mind. It was sparsely furnished with a bed, wardrobes and a bedside table. It would do for just now. I checked the time on my phone. 11pm. I went downstairs to get a suitcase that I had packed my stuff for tonight and tomorrow in, and brought it to my room. I fished out my pyjamas and my tooth brush, ran to the bathroom to get there before Anna did, and then snuggled into bed. Tomorrow was going to be a long day.
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