The Lost Note

Harry was moving into his house he had just bought in Northern London. Most of the unpacking was done, but he realized he still had one more box to unpack that was lying in the corner on the floor. He examined the box and it had ‘fragile’ written all over it in Sharpie.He began to break down the box and throw it away when he realized there was still one thing left in the box. His journal he wrote in during The X Factor. On the back of the cover was a note. He opened it gingerly like it was about to explode.

The note read “0800 001 5856 - Remember, if there’s a chance you become famous, don’t forget about me! Ahaha your friend, Emma”

Harry read the note with a smile from ear to ear. “ Oh my gosh, Emma! ”


6. The Trip To Harry's House


Emma and Harry haven’t talked since that night at the park and she felt stupid asking him for help, let alone even talking to him considering what a fool she made of herself that night. A few hours later she swallowed her pride and called Harry, the phone rang 4 times. She was worried he wouldn’t pick up.    “Hello?” answered Harry.   “Hey can I come over now?”   “Yeah, sure. You sound like you’re crying. What’s wrong?”   “I’ll tell you the story when I get there. I’m on my way. Bye.”    They both hung up the phone. Emma quickly got up off her bed, she was crying most the day. She went to the bathroom and washed the mascara off that was running down her face. She brushed her hair down and reapplied her makeup. She made sure too use waterproof mascara this time. She grabbed her phone and keys and headed out the door. Her parents had been away at a wedding for the day, but she left a note for them in case she wasn’t back when they got home.   Emma pulled up in Harry’s driveway and ran out of the car. Harry was already at the door waiting for her. Before he could even speak, Emma ran and jumped into Harry’s arms crying. She was sobbing this time, Harry couldn’t calm her down. He brought her inside and sat her down on the sofa. She sat on the sofa hugging her knees, Harry was rubbing her back.    “What happened?” Harry asked.   “He cheated on me!”   “Why would he cheat on you? How do you know this?”   “I was missing you and I went to the bakery, where we sat and thought about all the fun I had that night and I was staring out the window and saw him with another girl. I already called him and he begged for me back but I said no. We’re officially through. I’m a wreck! I don’t want to go home, my family loved Greg and I just know they’re going to ask about him and I don’t want to waste my breath repeating the break up situation. I just don’t want to talk about him. I’m done with him.”   “You are not a mess, you’re just confused.”   Harry kissed Emma on the cheek and ran upstairs and ran Emma a warm bubble bath and got her a pair of his sweatpants and a t shirt. He sat the pajamas on the sink and got her a towel. He went back downstairs.     “Come on” Harry said as he grabbed Emma’s hand and led her upstairs. “Take a bath and calm down for a bit, I know you don’t want to go back home. You’re staying here tonight. Everything will be okay” Harry assured her.    She thanked Harry and Harry smiled as he shut the bathroom door. He quickly ran downstairs to cook up some tacos for dinner. Harry and Emma loved tacos. Harry found a movie to watch, ‘The Notebook,’ Emma’s favorite. Harry finished dinner and already put the movie in, Emma came down the stairs in Harry’s pajamas.    Harry made that cheeky smile and said “You look cute, Emma. I made us some tacos and I figured we could watch a movie.”   Emma blushed and sat at the table with Harry. They finished dinner and pretty soon, they were snuggled in the recliner watching ‘The Notebook’. Harry had Emma in his arms and heard her sniffling.   “What’s wrong?” asked Harry asked Emma worryingly.   “I just feel so awkward being here. I really like you, and what I said that night was all true. And I knew you didn’t like me back. I shouldn’t have said it.”   “Emma…” there was a long pause, Harry continued “You’re right, I don’t like you.”   Emma had a confused expression and said, “What do you mean?”   “I love you, Emma.” Harry said as he kissed her forehead.   Emma laid back down with a smile from ear to ear and squeezed Harry tight. “I love you too, Harry” she said.   


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