The Lost Note

Harry was moving into his house he had just bought in Northern London. Most of the unpacking was done, but he realized he still had one more box to unpack that was lying in the corner on the floor. He examined the box and it had ‘fragile’ written all over it in Sharpie.He began to break down the box and throw it away when he realized there was still one thing left in the box. His journal he wrote in during The X Factor. On the back of the cover was a note. He opened it gingerly like it was about to explode.

The note read “0800 001 5856 - Remember, if there’s a chance you become famous, don’t forget about me! Ahaha your friend, Emma”

Harry read the note with a smile from ear to ear. “ Oh my gosh, Emma! ”


2. The Phone Call




About 4 days later Harry pulled himself together. Everything was unpacked and in the right place, he was enjoying his new house on his own and he finally got the confidence to call Emma. He dug out his journal and dialed the number slowly making sure he didn't dial the wrong one. He hesitated before he pressed the dial button. The phone rang, two times. Those few seconds the phone was ringing felt like eternity. The ringing stopped. Harry froze. “Hello?” answered a soft, sweet voice. He knew for sure this was Emma, he remembered that kind voice. He tried to speak but nothing came out. “ Hello?” Emma said again, this time with a bit of an attitude. Harry knew if he didn’t respond now she would hang up, he didn’t want to risk that.    “ Okay, I think you have the wrong number” said Emma as she was about to put down the phone.    Harry shouted “Wait!” Harry had no clue what he wanted to say, he only knew he wanted to talk to her.    “Yes? Who is this?”   “Its Harry, from The X Factor. Remember me?”   “Harry! Oh my gosh! How could I forget you, your part of One Direction! Congratulations by the way! As you can see I didn’t make it very far at all but you obviously succeeded!”   “Thanks!  I misplaced your number and I bought a house recently and I was unpacking and I found my old journal and your number was in there and I never forgot about what you said so I decided to call you.” Harry was so relieved that she was real laid back about everything and didn’t make anything awkward despite the fact they haven’t talked in two years.   “Oh, no problem! I can understand, I’m sure you’re real busy with your music and the boys. And I do have to give you credit for not forgetting about me!” Emma said jokingly. “Haha I have to say we are real booked with our music. I was actually wondering… Is everything still the same? Do you still live in London?”   “Everything’s the same and yes, still living in London. Living with my parents. My mum has been helping me look for a flat. No luck though.”   “Oh… I originally called to find out if you wanted to maybe get some tea sometime and catch up?”   “That would be great! I’d really like that. I’m pretty much free for the next couple of weeks but I don’t know about you since you’re probably going to be at the studio a lot.”    “I’m free on Friday? How does that sound?”   “Sounds great!”    Harry and Emma talked for quite awhile. They planned their date. He still secretly liked Emma but he didn’t know if she felt the same. She was being friendly, but Emma is just a friendly type of girl, so it was hard to read her. Harry was so nervous to see her, he hadn’t seen her in two years! ‘Emma handled everything well and acted so care free and nonchalant. If  she was so confident, why am I worrying so much?’ Harry thought. He could tell Emma liked him back at the X Factor auditions but he didn't think her feelings would be the same after two years. Harry hadn’t had a serious girlfriend in a while. He wanted a relationship that was real and would last. That’s hard to find when you’re famous. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the person likes you for you or if they like you for being part of One Direction. Some people you can read like an open book and others… well, you don’t really know how they feel. 


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