The Lost Note

Harry was moving into his house he had just bought in Northern London. Most of the unpacking was done, but he realized he still had one more box to unpack that was lying in the corner on the floor. He examined the box and it had ‘fragile’ written all over it in Sharpie.He began to break down the box and throw it away when he realized there was still one thing left in the box. His journal he wrote in during The X Factor. On the back of the cover was a note. He opened it gingerly like it was about to explode.

The note read “0800 001 5856 - Remember, if there’s a chance you become famous, don’t forget about me! Ahaha your friend, Emma”

Harry read the note with a smile from ear to ear. “ Oh my gosh, Emma! ”


3. The Boyfriend


Friday came around pretty fast. Tonight was Harry’s date with Emma. They made plans to hang by the bakery he used to work at before The X Factor. He was pretty popular and everywhere he went, people flooded the streets for photos and autographs. He was quite close with the owner of the bakery, he paid him money so that he could reserve the place to themselves. He took forever to get ready, he told his mum he had a date and she stopped by to make sure he was looking nice. He wore a white t shirt under a black blazer with dark denim jeans from Topman, his favorite store. He shook his hair and combed his curls to the side with his soft hands. Harry grabbed his phone and keys and kissed his mum on the cheek as he walked out the door. “Win her over!” Anne shouted jokingly out the door as Harry waved and got in the car. On the other hand, Emma was ready for Harry. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing a peach colored dress.  She slipped on her white slip ons and pinned a white bow in her short wavy hair.    Harry pulled up to Emma’s house and got out of his black Range Rover. He rang the doorbell twice. Emma opened the door to find Harry smiling shyly with his hands in his pockets.    “Harry! Nice to see you!”  Emma shouted as she hugged Harry.   “I know, you look stunning!”    “Aw thank you! Do you want say hi to my parents and Greg before we leave?”   “Yeah, sounds great. I haven’t seen them since audition day.”   Emma led Harry to the kitchen to see her parents. They were sitting around the dining table. And so was a stranger that Harry did not know. He looked about Harry’s age.  Emma’s parents smiled and shook Harry’s hand.   “Harry, this is my mum and dad as you know… and this is Greg, my boyfriend.” Emma said as she indicated who was who.   Harry stopped smiling and paused for a second. He felt kind of awkward. He thought of tonight as a date, like a potential girlfriend kind of date. He still liked Emma, and it didn’t feel right taking her out alone when she had a boyfriend. He wanted to be that boyfriend. He was speechless, he couldn’t just cancel the “date” when it hasn’t even started. There was no turning back. He could tell he would be uncomfortable for the rest of the night. He regretted not asking her if she had a boyfriend first. He had a blank expression on his face, he just wanted to run out.    “You okay?” Emma asked.   “What? Oh yeah, sorry. Nice to meet you Greg.” Harry said while shaking his hand.   Greg smiled at Harry. Then turned to look at Emma. He told her she looked beautiful, then kissed her goodbye. Harry just stared at the ground. Even though Harry and Emma weren’t the closest of friends, it still hurt him inside. Harry said goodbye to everyone and waved as they walked out the room and out the door. He didn’t know how to be friends with someone who he liked so much. Harry opened the car door for Emma and made sure she was buckled safely and settled. He then hopped in the drivers seat and started the car. They headed to the bakery that wasn’t too far away, the car ride was silent except for the radio. All Harry could think about was Emma having a boyfriend. ‘What if they last a long time and I never have my chance with Emma?’ thought Harry. Suddenly Emma jumped from her seat and turned up the radio.   “This is my favorite song! Come on Harry sing it with me, you know the words!” Emma shouted happily as she sang to ‘More Than This‘ by One Direction.    Now Harry really feels awkward.   “When he opens his arms and holds you close tonight…” Emma sang waiting for Harry to finish the line. Harry couldn’t just be a jerk and not say anything.   “It just wont feel right, cause I can love you more than this…” Harry finished the line reluctantly.    They finally made it to the bakery. ‘Thank goodness!‘ Harry thought. He parked in the small parking lot that was vacant besides one car that was Ben’s, the owners. They walked up the cement steps, Harry held open the door for Emma.    “Hey Ben!” Harry said as he shook Ben’s hand. “This is Ben, the owner” Harry explained to Emma.   Emma smiled as they both sat down at a small table across from each other.    “Could we have two cups of Yorkshire tea and a few scones, please?” Harry asked Ben in his luring accent.    “Sure can,” Ben replied as he got right on it.   Harry and Emma had some conversation. Emma asked a ton of questions about Harry’s career, she always wanted to be a singer, but she never made it past auditions and she was envious of his talent. Ben had brought their scones and tea to their table. Harry sipped on his tea and smiled real big. Emma laughed and said “What?”  


“You like scones, don’t you?” Harry chuckled.   “Sure, I guess.. What?” Emma asked curiously.   Harry  laughed as he reached across the table and pointed to the crumbs everywhere. They were both laughing.    “Shut up!” Emma said as she laughed and put the crumbs in his tea.   “I was going to drink that, you know!” Harry shouted as he playfully threw a scone at her.   “Harry!” Emma shouted as Harry dropped his cup and it broke.   Harry started panicking as he quickly cleaned up the spill and the shattered cup. Harry was laughing the whole time though. Emma looked at her phone and realized it was nine already and she had to be home by ten. They started rushing. They ran out the door leaving the place a mess and laughing the whole time. Harry tripped on his shoelace while running out the door and fell right into a plant and had dirt all over his bum. Emma was laughing hysterically as she helped him get up. They ran to the car as Harry tugged on the car door aggressively. The door was locked but Harry couldn’t find his keys.   “Are those your keys, Harry?” Emma asked nervously as she pointed to the keys lying on the passenger seat.    “Unfortunately” Harry admitted.   Emma laughed at Harry’s stupidity.    “I guess you’re going to be the one climbing through the trunk!” Harry said playing around.    Harry pressed the button under the trunk and began to climb over the guitar  in the backseat. Harry reached to the front seat and grabbed the keys and unlocked the car. They finally got in their seats and buckled up.    “You ready now?” Sighed Harry.   Emma nodded while smiling. They got lost on the way home, it was nine thirty and by the looks of it, they were going to be late. They sang to the music on the radio most of the time. They were laughing like crazy as they sang ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy Perry. What a coincidence? It was a Friday night! Around ten thirty they arrived home and Harry walked Emma up to the front step.   “Tonight was great, thank you.” Emma thanked Harry.   “No problem, I had a lot of fun.” Harry smiled and walked away.   He got home around eleven and was so worn out and tired. He showered and changed into some plaid pajama pants. Harry made sure to call his mum and let her know how everything went. She was happy for him besides the fact that Emma had a boyfriend and it broke his heart. He buried himself comfortably under the covers and tried to fall asleep but was awakened a few moments later by his phone buzzing on the bedside table. It was a text, from Emma- ‘I know it’s a little late and you may be asleep already but I truly had a fun night. It was nice to see you again. Thanks’ Harry smiled at the text and replied ‘I had fun too. It was great. Goodnight Emma’      
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