The Lost Note

Harry was moving into his house he had just bought in Northern London. Most of the unpacking was done, but he realized he still had one more box to unpack that was lying in the corner on the floor. He examined the box and it had ‘fragile’ written all over it in Sharpie.He began to break down the box and throw it away when he realized there was still one thing left in the box. His journal he wrote in during The X Factor. On the back of the cover was a note. He opened it gingerly like it was about to explode.

The note read “0800 001 5856 - Remember, if there’s a chance you become famous, don’t forget about me! Ahaha your friend, Emma”

Harry read the note with a smile from ear to ear. “ Oh my gosh, Emma! ”


4. Meet Me At The Park?


A few days go by, here and there Harry would talk to Emma. He didn’t want to over do it and make Greg mad at him. Harry has been in the studio most the day with the boys working on their new album so he didn’t have much time to talk. He checked his phone and had 2 texts and 3 missed calls from Emma. He felt awful not being able to respond. He really liked Emma and it looked like he was ignoring her. He called Emma as soon as he got out of the studio.    “Hello?” answered Emma.   “Hey, you called a few times. Is something wrong?” asked Harry   “I just wanted to see you for a bit today. I need to talk with you in person. Do you think you could make that happen sometime soon?” Emma requested.   “Yeah, sure. I just got out of the studio and don’t have much planned for the rest of the day. I’ll be with the boys for a bit though. Around seven, is that okay?” Harry asked.   “That’s fine. Meet me at the park?” Emma said.   “Sure, I’ll call you around then.” Harry agreed as they both hung up.    “Your little girlfriend, Harry?” the boys teased and joked.   Harry smiled, “I wish!”   The boys hung out for a bit watching a movie and playing some soccer, just being five normal boys. Besides Niall, he ate most of the time. Six o’clock started to roll around and Harry said bye to the guys and left for home. He got ready and made sure he looked nice. They weren't going anywhere special, but just being with Emma was special and he wanted to look decent. He called Emma around six thirty and they both left at the same time. Emma got to the park first. She just sat there on the bench waiting for Harry to arrive. She suddenly felt two hands cover her eyes from behind her and she jumped.    “Guess who!”    “I know its you Harry!” Emma said while laughing.    By this time, they were both standing in the middle of the park across from each other holding hands, looking into each others eyes.   “So you wanted to chat?” Said Harry.   “Yeah… its serious though.”   “Go ahead.”   “Well ever since that night at the bakery, I really felt something. Something that Greg doesn’t have. Him and I have been falling apart lately and that night with you made me feel special. Greg doesn't make me feel that way. I like you, Harry.”    There was a long silent pause. Harry’s hands tensed up.    “You have a boyfriend and you should be loving him, not me. I haven’t seen you in two years, I come into your life now, and change everything. I’m sorry but its not fair to you. I’m not going to let you love me when he was in your life before me. He’s a lucky man to have you and he deserves your full love and attention.”    Knowing all he wanted was to love and care for Emma, he knew it was wrong. He felt tears forming in his eyes, he had to do what was right. He walked away slowly with a tear rolling down his left cheek. He just couldn't do it. He knew Emma loved him, but he could never take Emma from the one that loved her. He had to walk away.    Emma stood there in the middle of the park, watching Harry walk away. She dropped to her knees and cried tears of devastation. She thought Harry would respond to her in a good way and want to be with her. She wasn’t crying because she wanted him to say something sweet, she was crying because she knew he was right.     
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