The Lost Note

Harry was moving into his house he had just bought in Northern London. Most of the unpacking was done, but he realized he still had one more box to unpack that was lying in the corner on the floor. He examined the box and it had ‘fragile’ written all over it in Sharpie.He began to break down the box and throw it away when he realized there was still one thing left in the box. His journal he wrote in during The X Factor. On the back of the cover was a note. He opened it gingerly like it was about to explode.

The note read “0800 001 5856 - Remember, if there’s a chance you become famous, don’t forget about me! Ahaha your friend, Emma”

Harry read the note with a smile from ear to ear. “ Oh my gosh, Emma! ”


5. It Was Greg


Its been a week and Emma is a wreck. She told Greg she needed time alone, he doesn’t know what happened between her and Harry. She missed Harry so badly but she knew he probably didn’t feel the same way about her anymore. She needed a reminder of him. She went down to the bakery and got herself a scone and a cup of Yorkshire tea. She sat at the same table they had that night. It brought back some good memories. At some points she would find herself smiling and realize she was thinking of when Harry was clumsy and shattered that cup to pieces. She stared out the window while sipping her tea. She saw a pretty girl walk by, she was clinging onto some guys arm. It was Greg.

  Emma froze and dropped her tea. Tea splashed everywhere. Ben came along and helped Emma clean up the spill. She then put a tip in the tip jar and walked out with tears in her eyes. She needed someone to talk to about Greg. The only person she trusted was Harry and she needed him most right now, but he wasn’t an option. 

  Emma called Greg and asked him about his day. He said nothing happened. But she saw it with her own eyes, him with another girl. He admitted to cheating and begged for her back but she stood her ground and said no. They both agreed that their relationship had been deteriorating for months. She didn’t want him whether he was a cheater or not, there was nothing special about them.    

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