Summer Love

Geri meets One Direction in her pool and falls in love with one of them. Will they make it work? Will it ultimately fail?


3. Thoughts

Geri's   pov

I was standing by Zayn when he was hit by Louis. My first thought was "OMG, Louis just hit  Zayn". Then Zayn wasn't moving and I got worried and picked him up all by myself and carried him up the ladder and sat him gently on the deck. All the boys were staring at me. They probably couldn't believe that I couldn't lift Zayn because  1 - I'm a girl, 2 - He is like the tallest and strongest. Girl Power Rules!!! But after I got Zayn on deck I asked if anyone knew CPR, but only I knew CPR, so I did that and saved Zayn Malik's life. After I first saw him I fell in love with him. 

Zayn's  pov

All I remembered is Louis screaming as he jumped off the deck and then the world went black. Then when I could see again I saw Geri kneeling next to me, and Niall, Harry, and Liam. I went to ask where Louis was when I saw him, he was far away from me. I was really grateful for Geri for saving my life. When I looked at her again, she took my breath away, I knew from then on I would try to get her to feel the same way about me as I do her. 
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