Summer Love

Geri meets One Direction in her pool and falls in love with one of them. Will they make it work? Will it ultimately fail?


10. This is not a chapter I just wanted to clarify a few things

The song that the character Geri sang to Zayn in chapter 7, I wrote. I actually have a huge crush on Zayn and wrote that for him. I actually have the same name as the main character. I put my song into the story so people could see it. It is actually a fantasy that I wrote down so others could read it. Why not? Anything can happen in a story so why not use that to help you? Take your own fantasy and turn it into a fantasy story. Be proud of what you wrote, because no matter what anybody says, you control the story, so be yourself and be proud of who you are and what you write.
Here is another song I wrote, it inspires me so see what it does for you.

"I'm me, myself and I"

Who is the real me? 
Why can't I see myself like others do? But I'm me, myself and I. And that's who I'm glad I am. Nobody can make me feel inferior, only make me happier that I'm me, myself and I. I'm me, myself and I, not anybody else. But I'm glad that I'm me, myself and I, not anybody else. I'm me-me-me, my-my-myself, and I-I-I-I-I-I.
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