Summer Love

Geri meets One Direction in her pool and falls in love with one of them. Will they make it work? Will it ultimately fail?


9. The Party

Geri's pov 

As I walked in through the doors into my house I didn't see anyone, then everyone jumped out and screamed "Surprise!!! Happy Birthday!!!". I was totally shocked, but then I realized that's why Amy took me shopping for a dress. I'm glad I convinced her to let me go to my favorite store, they only sell vintage clothes. I got a cute dress that Amy said looks like "her grandmother's curtains". I laughed at her and she said "but it does look cute on you". As soon as I saw Zayn he picked me up and twirled me around in a circle. He whispered "Happy Birthday, beautiful" in my ear. I couldn't help blushing. I called my friend, Jenna, to get her to come over to party, but left out that One Direction was in my house. When she turned onto my road, I got Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry into my room until I gave the signal. The signal was to blast a One Direction  song. As soon as they heard me turn it off they would come out singing 'Up All Night'. After she sat down and started chatting I turned on my iPod and blasted 'What Makes You Beautiful' then halfway through the song I turned it off, and to her surprise One Direction cane out of my room singing 'Up all Night'. She screamed really loud. Then she said "One Direction just came out of your room singing your favorite One Direction song on your birthday". "I know. I've been hanging out with them for a couple of months." I replied. I leaned over to her and whispered "I'm dating Zayn" in her ear. "Z-Z-Zayn M-M-Malik?" she stammered in my ear. "Yea. And Louis doesn't have a girlfriend. They broke up a couple days ago. Go talk to him. He's just a normal person" I told her. "O-ok. Here I go" she said.

Jenna's POV

Omg!!! My friend has been hanging out with One Direction for a couple of months and she is dating Zayn Malik!! It feels like a dream. I am going to meet Louis!!!! I have had a crush on him forever!!!
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