Summer Love

Geri meets One Direction in her pool and falls in love with one of them. Will they make it work? Will it ultimately fail?


8. The Accident

Geri's pov

I texted my other Bff, Amy, and asked her to come to my house to meet One Direction and when she got here she was speechless. Liam was sad because he got in a fight with his girlfriend and they broke up. Then when he saw Amy, his eyes lit up. I could tell he liked her. 

Nobody's pov

Liam asked Amy on a date and she said yes. Later that week, Zayn, Liam, and Niall discussed having a triple date and they decided to take a motorcycle ride after they ate at a Chinese buffet. After the boys told Amy, Catherine, and Geri about the date they all said yes. After they finished eating, they went to get the motorcycles and the boys said that after they got to the scenic pull off, they would look at the view for a little bit then they would let the girls drive home. When they were almost at the pull off, there was a branch in the way and they had to swerve to go around it. When they swerved, they crashed into trees. The boys weren't injured, but the girls were. Amy's right leg was broken, Catherine's left arm was broken, and Geri had a bunch of broken ribs and hit her head hard and went into a coma. Liam grabbed his cellphone and called 911 and told them what happened and they sent out a couple ambulances. When the ambulances got there, Liam went with Amy, Niall went with Catherine, and Zayn went with Geri. When they arrived at the hospital, the boys had to wait in the waiting room. Amy and Catherine had to get casts, and the three of them shared a room. After 3 days Amy and Catherine could go home, but Geri couldn't. Even after 5 days she couldn't go home. But even then Zayn slept right next to her in a chair. On the 6th day he saw her hand, and grabbed her hand and started to talk to her. Then after about an hour she moved a little more. He took out his cell phone and texted Liam and Niall that she was moving and to get Amy and Catherine and bring them over here. He also texted Harry and Louis that she was moving but wasn't awake yet. They all got to the hospital in a half hour. They all were telling her to wake up. After 2 hours all of them gave up except Zayn, the rest of them went to get something to eat. Zayn wanted to try something so he had the others wait in the hallway. He kissed her cheeks and arms and she stretched and he went out to get the others. In about a half hour she woke up and everybody was really happy. She didn't remember anything after they hit the tree. "What is today's date?" she asked. "Today's May 7th" Liam said. "OMG!!!! It's today!!!!" she said. "What's today?" Zayn asked. "Today's my 21 birthday" she said. "Happy Birthday Geri!!!" everyone said at once. They went to get a nurse and told her that Geri was awake. They had to wait in the hallway during the exam, when they did that they discussed what to do and they decided that Amy would take Geri to her house for 30 minutes then went to a store to get her a dress and when they got to her house the Catherine, Zayn, Liam, Niall, Louis and his Gf, and Harry and his Gf all were in Geri's  house and had a surprise party for her and she was really shocked. 
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