Summer Love

Geri meets One Direction in her pool and falls in love with one of them. Will they make it work? Will it ultimately fail?


6. Niall & Louis shut up

Geri's pov

All of One Direction came back to my house today. They insisted to see my room so I led them to it and in about 5 seconds Niall and Harry were messing around with my tv and Louis was spinning in my swivel desk chair screaming "weeeeeeeeeee". I started laughing because Louis is funny. I had to scream at the top of my lungs to get their attention. Then, as if on cue, Niall started yelling that he was hungry, right when I was thinking about making lunch for everyone. I told Niall I would make lunch for them. He then yelled, "Yes!".   I made us all grilled cheese, but no tomato soup because I remembered that Liam does not like spoons.  And after we ate, I noticed that Louis had a t-shirt with the Superman logo on it.  After I noticed that, Louis climbed onto my bed and jumped off after Niall screamed "HELP!". When Louis jumped, he screamed "SUPERMAN!!!". After he jumped he ran through my whole house screaming "superman" nonstop. He ran around soo much, when he sat down he fell asleep about 5 seconds after. "That took long enough to tire him out" Harry said.  Liam, Niall, Zayn, and I all agreed with him. "Who wants to play a game?" I asked. "What game are you thinking?" asked Zayn. "I was thinking that we could split into 2 teams" I said. "How can we do that? There are 5 people here." Liam asked. "1 team of 2, the other team has 3 people" I replied.  Harry said "Ok. Who is on what team then?" "I'l be on Geri's team of 2. Ok?" Zayn said. "That's fine, if it's ok with Geri" Niall said. "That's fine" I say. "Zayn and I will play my Nintendo in my room, and you 3 can play the wii out here. Ok?" I say. "yea that's fine" they all said at once. 
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